A not-to-miss lesson from a school drop-out.


Would it surprise you if you found somebody you did not think could amount to anything rising to a high position in life with you still dancing somewhere around the bottom? I know many people who have been dismissed with a wave of the hand just to found later in life to be the ones calling the shots. Many people know about this. To the person who rises thus, it can be a very thrilling experience. Imagine yourself being dismissed by those in your community but you go on to pave your way to the top! This has taught me not to judge anyone from their appearance.

You must have noted that I talk a lot about going from the bottom to the top. That is my passion. That is my purpose in life. My call is to help people go from where they are to the very top, if not in their field, in their community, their country or the world. It is definitely not easy; but not as hard as we may think. I have already highlighted in one of my posts the place of know-how in letting you arrive where you want to go. When you master how to do something, it becomes easy for you to do it.Some people will look at you with a lot of admiration and think you are special; whereas the difference is just that you have learned and mastered how to do it and they have not.

I never knew I could write something that would be read all over the world. Here I am today with my books read all over the world. I have a great readership in Europe, the United States and Asia; and I have only just begun. You can become anything tomorrow. This is a fact. Nobody can say what each one of us will become tomorrow. You could become an international personality. Although that will not happen overnight, it is a real possibility. It is not a pie in the sky dream. And one reason we do not do the marvels that we are capable of doing is we often fear and when we are told or reminded that we can do great things we dismiss it as a pie in the sky way of thinking. We call this type of thinking self-limiting thinking.

Believe it or not, there are many people sitting at the bottom today who will rise to the top tomorrow. By the same token, there are people who are reigning at the top today, who will sink to the bottom tomorrow. And there is no person at the top who would like to drop to the bottom. Almost every one of us likes to get, if not to the top, somewhere near the top or where life would not be a burden. The sad thing is many of us believe this is not possible. Whereas there is a wealth of wisdom on how to do this which we get when we study the lives of people who had difficult or wretched early beginnings but went on to achieve prominence and live in opulence. We hear of people rising from the bottom to the top. This is done by people who defy the odds to go from rags-to riches.


Some of the most important lessons I have learned in life have come from people who defied the odds against them and went from rags to riches. Their thrilling and captivating stories can inspire us to think outside the box and make the most of our opportunitiesDSC_1395DSC_1395

The one person who immediately pops to my mind is a school drop-out who was born in poverty and deprivation. He has taught me that we create our opportunities; they don’t open up to us on their own. With only a few years of schooling, and hardly always having a morsel to eat when he was a young man, he rose to the summit in his chosen field. He lifted himself from poverty to become the owner of radio stations, record companies and private jets. His name became a household name all over the world. James Brown, for that was the famous man, had principles that guided him. He believed strongly that we create our opportunities; that opportunities are made. No-one sits by and waits for opportunities to step forward and open up to him. What a joy that he thought so. Life responded by smiling broadly to him; lifting him up to the sky.

We make a big mistake when we wait for luck to toss opportunities to us. It was not James Brown alone who refused to do that. Anna Langford and many others did same. Had they waited, they might have still been waiting today. Anna Langford served in a high level position in the White House under U.S. President, George Bush. Despite the predictions of an urban sociologist that she would end up in poverty as her mother and grandmother, Anna took her destiny into her hands; and heaven smiled at her; and she had a ‘remarkably successful adulthood’.

With her ‘unwavering determination, courage, and unflagging hope,’ to which was added ‘a clear understanding of what to do and what not to do’ she made her way to where the rays of the sun were shining and they shone directly on her. Anne believed in luck; that it ‘plays a definite part in the life of everyone, of course, but if a person fails to avail himself of all the opportunities at his disposal, then luck will have little influence on his life. He will spend the rest of his days crying about how unlucky he is and how lucky someone else appears to be.”

We have to make use of the lucky breaks that open themselves up to us. It does not suffice to have opportunities. We must make use of our opportunities. If we cannot rule out the fact that some of the people we find at the summit today had opportunities tossed at them by Mother Luck, we must admit that they were ready to capitalize on them; to turn them into their gold mine.

We live in a world in which we have to go for the things that we want rather than wait for them to come to us. Poor Mother Luck would wear her body out if she were to toss the good things of life to everyone sitting by and waiting.

We must go out and fight for the things that we want. As Africans say, ‘The sun must first shine on those standing up before it shines on those sitting down.’ The good things of life will first go to those fighting for them before the crumbs ever reach those sitting and waiting. Fighting, it is true, may give blisters, but folding your arms and waiting will deprive you of the dignity of the human person.
You have to fight your way from where you are to where you want to be. The right and best moment to do that is now.

I cannot say what you think and would like to get your comment. If you also know somebody who has risen or who rose from a low beginning to a high place in society, do well to share the story with us so that it may add to edify our readers and help them towards the realization of their dreams.


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