What I have read today is worth sharing

I have read many things today and learned a lot from them. The major lesson I have learned concerns drawing readers to your blog; getting readers to like what you write. Are you satisfied with the number of people who pay attention to what you write in your blog or on Facebook

I believe sharing what I have learned today on this topic can be a useful exercise especially if you are new to blogging and are finding it difficult to get people to read what you write on your blog. It can be very frustrating isn’t it to write beautiful stories on your blog and nobody reads them? Or to only attract only a few people after you have toiled and sweated on a post.

I actually fall in the category of those who go through this.  I do the best I can to write good posts; but at the end of the day I do not get people flooding to my blog as I had hoped. That gets me frustrated to some extent. And I am not alone. There are thousands, if not more, of people in the world who write excellent posts but very few people read them. The posts just lie there and waste away. This is a great waste of energy, effort and even resources in the case of those who invest enormous amounts of money on their blogs. The irony is that when you turn around you see other people who are having an influx of readers to their blogs.

I see this even on Facebook. There are people who write things on Face book and you see thousands of people reading and commenting on them; but others write day in and day out but only a few people pay attention to what they have written.

This intrigued me for so long that when I saw a post on attracting traffic to one’s blog by Jon Morrow today, I virtually jumped on it. I know there are other posts that treat this topic; but this is the one I came across today; and it has had a lasting impact on me.

I know people who write on face book and very few people read what they write; and they have concluded that they do not have what it takes to write good stuff. There are some who think nobody likes them.

What I got from Jon Morrow’s post has made me conclude that anybody can attract a large number of readers to their blog if they do the right thing. If readers are not flowing to your blog, then you are not doing the right thing to attract them. There are things to do. You may say you have read all the books or posts on the net on attracting traffic to your blog but have still not been able to pull the crowd. That is where the question of what the right thing is comes in.  What Jon calls the right thing is what I have not found elsewhere; and I am convinced about what he says. If you have read all the tricks but still cannot attract readers it means that there is something lacking.

It is not writing the best posts that matters. It is not  being on Face book all the times that will attract readers to what you write. You could write fewer posts but get more readers than people who write a post or many posts a day. It is knowing the right thing to do to attract readers and doing it. The stress is on the right thing.

I got so edified by what I read that I shared it on Facebook and Twitter. I would like to let you read it yourself. The title of the post is ‘How to Build a Popular Blog in 20 Hours a Week’ ( Part two). Jon’s link is:support@boostblogtraffic.com. You shall love it.

I know that you may know quite much about attracting traffic to a blog or to your business. If you do and think it can help beginner bloggers attract traffic to their blogs, do not hesitate to let me know. I will take time and read it and share the knowledge with the readers of this blog. Sharing helps us grow and makes the world a better place for all. If you have any reaction to this, please, drop a word in the comment box. Go to the share box and share this with your friends. If you like to reblog, do it.


4 thoughts on “What I have read today is worth sharing

  1. Thanks, I kind read and feel your sincerity in what you are out for Dr. Ngobesing, bravo. i kind conclude here that you are a very generous being, keep on please.

  2. These stories are not fictions I believe. They are touching and merit putting into practice. Congratulations Mr author

    • Thanks for your encouraging words. You can see we are committed to inspiring and motivating our people to soar high in the sky. I can promise that the best is still coming. If you keep visiting this site reading, commenting and sharing, you shall be surprised by how you shall be fired up to go for the stars.

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