This e-book focuses on a subject of great importance to you the society and the world -the family. This subject is far more important than a great many people realize. Hence, they take it for granted. No doubt, it causes the downfall of many. Before they know they would have given it priority, it is too late.  Great damage has been done. Their lives have been blown off.

That is not what I wish for you; and that is why I have written this book. If you read it carefully and follow what it says, you will be happy you did. It tells you why and how you should pay great attention to your family as you strive to make your place in the world.

The author

Ngobesing Suh Romanus



Anyone who wants to succeed must know what success is and what it is not. Many people, unfortunately look at success only in terms of earthly achievements; and so take wrong actions which make them fail when they would have succeeded.

If you are among those who look at success only in terms of earthly achievements that would not be good for you. Right now I want you to know exactly what true success is.
When someone has gained recognition, wields a lot of power with many people under his command, has built mansions here and there, owns a fleet of cars, people usually say he has succeeded. Those who are unable to acquire these material things or  positions where they will be recognized are looked upon as having failed. Is this the right way to measure success?
Not at all! There are people who succeed in amassing wealth, climbing to the top rung, owning mansions all over the world; owning fleets of cars, but who are woeful failures because their families are in shambles. And there are others who own virtually nothing but can be said to have succeeded brilliantly.

In your search for success you must give your family priority. No one can say he has succeeded when he has failed in his family life. True success for the family man means keeping the family intact and making it shine like the Holy Family of Nazareth.

The world needs happy, successful, Christian families that shine like the Holy Family of Nazareth. This family ‘listened attentively to God, acted upon his Word and treasured the gift of the Child Jesus’. As a result they gained lasting success.

We can succeed at the surface level; and we can also succeed at a deep level. Surface-level success is succeeding in the world – amassing wealth already mentioned; climbing to the top of the social ladder; shining like stars. This is fleeting success. It fades away too soon.

Deep-level or lasting success is the one that shines with the virtues of the Holy family of Nazareth. The Holy Family has remained an example down the centuries because of the virtues that marked them as individual family members and as a family.

This is the family that we must emulate.  The issue is how to do this?
What do we do to be like the Holy Family of Nazareth? Can we actually be like this family?

Surely, we can. We are out to help you become like this family. We shall give you a guide that will enable you to become like the Holy Family of Nazareth. If you follow it, the light of this Holy Family will shine through you and on you.



  • Before we bring you the guide that will help you to shine like the Hop;y Family of Nazareth, let us get a few important facts about the family. It is important to know what a family really is; and how God wants every family to be. There are twenty good points I want you to read carefully and master them:
  •  Every human being is a member of a family.
  • By virtue of our faith we are members of the family of God which is the Church.
  • Christ blessed the family into a holy institution by belonging to one.
  • The Holy Family of Nazareth is a model for all families.
  • The characteristics of the Holy Family of Nazareth include their faith; their dependence on God and their readiness to fulfill the responsibilities of their faith.
    Some of the values that shine out in the Holy Family are honor, respect and obedience to parents. These are qualities of a good Christian family which we need to emulate. What made the Holy Family Exemplary was their patience; their persevering trust in God; their love for one another and their togetherness. They were always together. They were together at Bethlehem, during the birth of Jesus and other good moments. In the midst of their problems they did not drift apart from each other.
  • When husbands and wives stay together, and do things together, they thrive more and their love and trust deepen. We can make it as a couple if we stay together instead of each person laying blame on the other when things are tough.
  • When a couple stands before the altar to be married, they make a commitment to love; to be faithful; to accept children lovingly from God and bring them up in the law of Christ and the Church.
  • The family is the first school of life and spirituality where values and lessons of faith are taught.
  • In the Holy Family of Nazareth, Jesus, Mary and Joseph lived and practiced their faith. Their family was a community of love and life. We Christians must make our families a place of life and love; and a true domestic Church. This will enable the family to stand united in faith and love in moments of difficulties and trials.
  • Each member of the family has rights and obligations. Children must obey their parents. A child who honors his father obtains forgiveness of his sins. The one who respects his mother gathers treasure. Couples have to be dedicated to each other. The wife must love and respect her husband. The husbands must love and respect his wife. Parents must be good to their children.
  • Family life can be very enjoyable. Some people actually enjoy their family life. In their family they find happiness, care, comfort, communal support and mutual love. It is our duty to try to make our family life enjoyable. Some families do not enjoy family life. Members quarrel and fight; are intolerant, and inconsiderate. There is rivalry, hatred, lack of respect and trust. Such families must not despair because Jesus, Mother Mary and Joseph are there to intercede for broken families.
  • No family, actually, is void of problems; every family has its problems. Even the Holy Family is not left out. They met many challenges but because they were close to God and trusted in him, God stood close to them. All families today have the same access to the same God who is ready to bless them with peace, understanding, love, patience and forgiveness.
  • Prayer is very important for the family. Each family must pray together as a family. The family that prays together stays together. Because many families do not pray together, we are losing values such as respect, appreciation, obedience, care and mutual love.
  • There is a need for a family altar in every family for prayer and worship.
  • There is also a need for family fellowship at table.
  • In the words of Pope Pius XII, “The life of a family united in love is so beautiful. You can see each member eager and prompt in fulfilling his duties, in pleasing everyone, in practicing justice, honesty, kindness, patience in bearing adversities and in forgiving wrongs.” The members will show “strength in the hour of trial and under the weight of toil. You can see the parents educating their children with love and in the practice of virtues.” In such a family, Pope Pius XII says, “God is honored and faithfully served; everyone is treated with goodness.” What, indeed, can be “more noble and more edifying?”
  • It is good that every household should have its bible and use it for reading and prayer.
  • We all need to recognize the goodness of family life.
  • Parents have the responsibility to give their children proper education and bring them up properly. It is their duty to pass on to their children, and bear witness to, the meaning of life in Christ. They should be the first to proclaim God’s word to their children through their example, their fidelity and the unity of their family life.



Now that you understand what the family is, let us move on to our guide

This is a guide that every family is called upon to respect:

  1. Build your family life on love.
  2. Assume your responsibility and bring up your children properly.
  3. Be rooted in fidelity to God’s Word.
  4. Parents must show exemplary love and faithfulness to each other.
  5. They should pass on to their children, and bear witness to, the meaning of life in Christ.
  6. They should be the first to proclaim God’s word to their children; be the first evangelists to their children;
  7. Teach them to say their first prayers; present their children to the Lord. work hard to maintain family unity.
  8. Parents must not give in to ‘the forces which weaken and destroy the unity, stability and happiness of the family.’
  9. They must not follow the path of selfish materialism and consumerism which have produced so much suffering in some parts of the world.
  10. They must not ‘listen to ideologies which allow society or the State to take over the rights and responsibilities which belong to families.’
  11. They must ‘Make every effort to preserve the spiritual and ethical values of marriage and family life.” (Pope John Paul II).
  12.  Every family should make family togetherness a top priority.
  13. Have family prayers daily.
  14. Have a family altar for prayer and worship.
  15. Recognize the goodness of the family.
  16. Fellowship at table.
  17. Go to Church together and sit together in Church.
  18. Have a family uniform and wear it from time to time to Church and other occasions.
  19. Have at least two pairs of a common attire and from time to time wear them, especially on Sundays when they go to Church.
  20. Seek the intercession of the Holy Family by praying daily as a family.


You have come to the end of this e-book. What do you think? Are there things which need to be added? I would lie that you go to the comment box and make your views known. Please, do well to share so that other s may also read.

Thanks for your love and support.

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