How should you start anything?

Be positive about life

Be positive about life

How should you start your day?

Dear friend, how should you start anything? You may find this to be too broad a question. Let me be more precise. How should you start your day? How are you supposed to start your day?How did you start this day? How do you start a successful day? Are you aware that the way you start your day or any thing else matters? These may be too many questions to ask at once, but they are necessary for what we want to put across today.

I am writing this in the morning; so let me say “Good Morning!” to you. My idea of writing this in the morning is I want you to read it before you start whatever you have to do during the day. If it happens, however, that it comes to you only later like in the afternoon or evening, do not bother.

The way you start your day matters

What I want to register in this post is that the way you start your day matters.  I know you may have no quarrel with that.  You may be aware that your attitude as you leave your house in the morning to go to work, or as you start work in your office or business place is very important.

But if you have never given thought to it, that is what I want us to discuss in this post. It is also possible that you might have learned in school that it matters how you start your day or how you start any project for that matter, but might have forgotten. Or you might be aware of the implications but are not doing anything to start your day in a way that will make you enjoy it.

I have read articles on this time and again, but tend to forget and often leave my house in the morning without taking the measures that I should to make my day a success. I am writing this therefore, with the hope that it will energize or re-energize you to always adopt the right frame of mind or attitude before you leave your house in the morning to go to work.

An edifying experience

Let me share with you an experience I had one morning when I got into a taxi to go to work. It was a chilly morning and I could not get out of home easily.  It was already getting late for me to go to work. Unfortunately, I did not have enough money on me to pay the taxi driver a little higher to take me fast to my destination. All I could offer him was what I had – 100 francs.  That was one hundred francs short of the normal taxi fare in my city at the time.  The normal fare was 200 francs. However,  hardly would people pay that amount. The common practice was to pay 150 francs except one was going very far.  Then he would pay 200 francs. Daring passengers offered 100 francs without caring.

Some taxi men accepted things as the times dictated; but others refused; and took great offense when people stopped them and offered anything short of the stipulated amount for a drop. When the worse came to the worse, such drivers accepted 150 francs; but scarcely 100 francs.

That morning I had no choice but to pay 100 francs. That was the much I had on me. The word 100 francs had hardly come out of my lips when the driver gave me a scowl that left me confused. You could see anger on his face. All the same, he ended up accepting the offer.  He knew it was possible for him to drive from one end of the town to the other without one person stopping him to pay for a drop.

Passengers were scarce to come by

There was no money in circulation in the country and many people preferred going on foot to going  by taxi. Wise taxi drivers thought that instead of going round and round in town with an empty taxi, it was better to be taking the one hundred francs that most passengers were offering and be sure of having something at the end of the day, however small  it might be.

When I got into the taxi that morning, I found another passenger already seated there. I later, learned that she had been the very first person that day to board that taxi; and the first to offer 100 francs too.

As we moved on, the third person who stopped us also proposed 100 francs. The taxi driver told her, ‘since my name has become 100 francs, come in.’ She jumped in.

We did not go far when a fourth person stopped us. He was traveling very far but still offered to pay only 100 francs. The driver was mad and this time around, he refused.

You could touch his anger. Driving in that anger he did not go ten meters when another vehicle from a side-road dashed on to the main road recklessly almost hitting us. It was only by the grace of God that we escaped being hit.

We drove on.

The driver kept screaming and cursing from time to time as he drove.  Before long, he almost hit a passenger who was crossing the road lackadaisically on foot.

Passengers advise driver

When this happened, we advised him to go home after dropping us and take a good rest before coming out to continue work. As I learned later, he did not immediately do so. He continued to work.

A few days later, when I met him, he could not hide it from me. The fact that he had not heeded to our advice immediately had led to three more problems that day. Then he decided to go home and take a rest before coming back.  This helped him tremendously.

His eyes then opened to the fact that the so many problems he had had that day had been due to his leaving the house in the morning on a bad footing.  He did not have a good state of mind when he left the house because of a serious argument with his wife.

He then said looking back he had discovered that each time he left the house in anger in the morning, almost everything went wrong for him that day. I told him that having noticed that, he was supposed to have made sure he did not leave the house in anger that day. He admitted I was right. I encouraged him always to put himself in a good frame of mind before leaving the house to go anywhere.

A few years later, we met again and he told me my advice had changed his life.  He had resolved never to leave his house in anger again and when he did he found things were working out better for him. That led him to adopt that way as a principle in life.

Always start your day on a good footing.

It is important that we start our day on a good footing if we like things to work out well for us. Start your day in a good frame of mind.  Get into a positive mental attitude.

Some people will deny that the way one’s day starts matters.  They will say to think that starting the day on a bad footing will lead to a bad day is superstition.  Yet, there are countless cases to lend credence to the view that starting the day in a good frame of mind is important for a successful day.

Many people start their day with a prayer at home. Some go to Church every morning before they go to work.  This is because they have understood the importance of starting the day on a good footing. They pray to seek God’s guidance.

This is a proper thing to do for any one who wants to succeed in life. Put God at the very start of your day. He will guide you through.

If you start your day by quarreling with your spouse, do not be surprised if you find yourself quarreling with other people in the course of the day. The same is likely to be the case if you start your day by having a quarrel with your neighbor or the first person you meet on your way.

What do you think?

I am interested in knowing what you think. Do you think the way you start your day  matters or it does not matter? Can starting your day on a good footing help make your day go well? Can starting it on a bad footing make it go badly?

Make your comment.

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