Getters are not waiters and waiters are not getters


Know what you want

                                                                             And go for it


I want to believe you know what you want from this world. I want to believe it is to succeed and succeed in a big way. I want to believe you are serious about your success. If you are, then we are on the same wave-length. We vibrate together. We share common aspirations. We were meant to go together. That is what has brought us together.

You are in the right place

This is the place for you. Here, you are in the right place. Being on this site on a daily basis is the right thing to do. You shall see how inspired you shall be by the time you are leaving from here. Give yourself enough time. DSC_1399 - CopyDo not hurry. Do not leave before the angels come. I know people who are here every day; and they read every word they find. They know what they get. They are happy to come again and again.

This is my gift; this is my call

There are many things I honestly do not know; but there is one thing I am sure of: that my gift is to move you to bring out the best that is buried in you; to motivate and inspire you to rise to your highest dreams.
That is my gift. That is my call. That is my purpose and my mission in life. I know this from the feedback I get from people; from the results I see with my own eyes on the ground; and from how I feel deep within me.

                                  The Genesis

It all began more than thirty years back, when I started my journalistic career as a young reporter for Radio Cameroon. That was in 1981. At that time, I created and ran a radio program titled “Success Hour”; my first ever program. From day one when it went on the air, its destiny was clear.

Great days lay ahead

My focus was success in life. I dished out tips on success; tips not many had heard before. I was a pioneer. I told people what to do to be become the person God created you to become; the person their hearty strongly desired they should be.

It was from this program that more than 95% of my compatriots, for the first time, heard about positive thinking. I drew a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and inspiration from the Father of Positive Thinking and author of the all-time masterpiece, “The Power of Positive Thinking”, the American pastor Norman Vincent Peale. With it I motivated and inspired my listeners with the confidence and conviction of someone who was himself inspired.

The results were beyond all expectations

The results did not take long to come. The program stroke a cord in the hearts and minds of my listeners who responded by making it their favorite program with an influx of mails (reactions and contributions) every week from all the corners of the country and beyond.

I multiplied my efforts


Motivated by such an overwhelming positive reaction, I multiplied my effort to gather material for the program. I read everything I could lay hands on. I combed bookshops and invested my scarce resources in books. I bought and read magazines. I listened to radio and watched television all in search of inspirational material. I would not let any book pass by without my perusing it to see if it could be of help.

Educating, motivating and inspiring people to go for excellence and realize their dreams soon became a passion to me.

I went from school to school to talk to young people about the enormous potential buried in them; to encourage them and show them how to discover, develop and exploit their opportunities for their good, the good of their families, their country and the world.

Three years later when I moved station, I began a reflection titled “Something Useful” with a wider focus. In addition to helping people to realize their dreams, I X-rayed the society; unveiled the ills plaguing the world, and proposed what I thought would make the world an excellent place for everybody to enjoy.

A motivational speaker was born

This is how I gradually and steadily built myself into a motivational and inspirational writer and speaker. I am convinced that this is what God put me in this world to do. I am here to tell people they are full of potential and talents. I am also here to show them how to exploit this potential, develop their talents and stand out and be counted. I am here to tell people we can make the world an excellent place for all of us to live in and enjoy. I am here to say how we can do this.

The kind of people I love

I love people who burn with the desire and determination to make the most of their potential. We all have talents and opportunities; and when people who are making or determined to make the most of their own talk, I listen. I do not like people who fold their arms and sit and do nothing. I do not like people who wait for opportunity to be tossed at them. Such are the people who waste what God has given them. Nothing is as annoying as wasted talent.

Yet, such people are not uncommon to find. There are individuals among us who are endowed with potential and talents beyond compare, but who sit and fold their arms and wait for manna to fall from heaven. Theirs end like wasted lives.

Rags-to-riches stories inspire me


What thrills me is to hear about people who, faced by life’s toughest challenges in their early childhood, defied the odds and went on to make it to the top of the social platform. I am positively overwhelmed by rags-to-riches stories; the stories of men and women whom no one imagined could ever amount to anything; but who went on to lift themselves to places of prominence and glory.

Time and time again, I have inspired and re-inspired myself reading and re-reading the edifying story of Canadian born Guy Laliberte, who, from the streets in his early childhood days created Cirque du Soleil and turned himself into one of the word’s financial giants worth 2.5 billion US dollars.

The story of John Paul De Joria has not left me indifferent. From door-to-door selling and a record as having slept in his car, he founded his own company, John Paul Mitchell Systems which made a billionaire out of him.

Be positive about life

Be positive about life

Oprah Winfrey lived in hardship, wearing dresses, we are told made of ‘potato sacks’. Yet all that did not stop her from becoming what we know her to be today.

Let nothing stand on your way


It cannot be over-emphasized that whatever your position in life, whatever your background and connections and where you hail from, you can make it to wherever you want to go. You don’t have to let anything stand on your way.

                                                        You have to want it badly enough

If you want to make it in a big way as you should, you have to want it badly enough. You have to burn with the desire to push ahead. You have to go to bed with the fire of ambition burning in you, and praying that the next day may come fast for you to get up and get going. You have to maximize your time and your opportunities.

Out in the world the guy who makes it to the top is not the one who sits and counts on circumstances to toss to him what he wants from life. It is the one who, with zeal, focus, determination, resolve, confidence and courage goes for what he wants. It is the guy who wants it badly enough to leave no stone unturned to get it.

Go for your opportunities, don’t wait for them.


Look at the people at the top of the chart in the world. They did not all start off with great opportunities. Many of them went out into the world, learned how to look for their opportunities; and went for them. They learned how to maximize the few chances they had. Those are the guys you must corner to learn from them how to make it in a big way in a highly competitive world that is not easy to beat.

You will find such guys on this blog



You will meet many of such guys on the net. You will find them here if you come often to this blog. That is the reason this blog was created. Come here and look for them and you will find them; and they will show you the road they took to success; and help you to walk the path. Come here to look for the way and means to become number one in your chosen field. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be open on to you. Don’t miss a day without coming here. Keep coming until you get what you want. And if you miss a day, pick up the next day and keep going. Falling is part and parcel of life; but you must get up and keep going.?????????? Time is money. If you are serious about your success you must stop wasting precious time as I see a lot of people doing on social media. Spend time educating yourself; motivating yourself; encouraging yourself; inspiring yourself.

Let the world hear about you


You have to want to get ahead. You have to want to go up the scale. You have to develop yourself and practice your lessons and shout from the mountain top and let the world hear your voice; and let the world hear about you. If it means getting a personal coach, let that be done.

That is my prayer for you. I like to see you doing what you were born to do in this world. I want to see you become what you were born to become. I want to see you living a life of fulfillment and joy. I want to see you shining and sparkling for others to admire and emulate your example.

That is my wish for you; that is your challenge.

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