Hasty conclusions and decisions based on half information

    Here we go!
  • Jumping to conclusions
  • Taking hasty decisions.
  • Going away with half information.

These are three wrong practices which I would strongly call on you to stay clear off as you journey to the stars. They can stand on your way instead of helping you succeed.

Do you take hasty decisions?

Do you jump to conclusions?

Do you have the habit of going away with half information and acting on it?

Let us look at all these three practices closely. What does each mean?

  1. To jump to a conclusion is to get information on a matter and without careful thought or analysis, you draw a conclusion on it.
  2. To take a hasty decision is to take a decision in a hurry or in a rush without careful consideration of all the information on the issue.
  3. To go away with half information is to go off without having got all the information that you are supposed to get; and taking action on the bit of information that you have as if you had got all the information.

If you are guilty of any of these three practices, you need to do something about it. They can rob you of success in life.

Jumping to a conclusion
There are people who do not reflect well on an issue but go ahead to draw a conclusion on it. Take for instance, they may look at somebody and draw a conclusion without much information about the person. Or they will look at a situation and without getting all the facts about it, hastily draw a conclusion.

I remember once when a man I know was very sick; some of his friends went around telling people he would die. The truth was, he actually looked as if he would die; but it was jumping to a conclusion to say he would die because he finally did not die. Today, fifteen years after, he still lives while those who said he would die have instead died.  We say that those people jumped to a conclusion.  It was a hasty conclusion.

Half information

Half information is dangerous.

The need always to go away with full information and not half information cannot be over-emphasized.

This is a lesson I learned as a little child in primary school.  I was taught that it is not a good thing to go away with half information. This means that if somebody is telling you something, you have to make sure that you listen to it carefully right to the end.  You must not go away when the person has not finished telling you what they want to tell you. If you do, make sure that you do not take any action on the matter since you do not have all the information on it.

But the tendency with many of us is when someone is telling you something you think that you already know what they want to tell you and then you go away without listening to it to the end. What is worse, you start doing what you think is what the person expects of you as far as that matter is concerned.

You may be surprised to hear that even though I still remember this lesson, I have found myself going away with half information and taking action based on that information. In most cases I have been reminded later on by the outcome that it was not the right thing to do.

Disastrous outcome

If you allow yourself to go away with half information and start taking action, you may pay dearly for it. Such action can bring about your downfall.

  • You may end up doing the exact opposite of what you are supposed to do.
  • It can make you fail in business, in school, in a job, in  relationship with other people, in a negotiation, and you name the rest.
  • It can cause the loss of life
  • It can land a country in war.
  • It can cause a world war.

Not long ago, when I started this blog, I went away with half information and started blogging whereas a lot has been put in place to guide bloggers to go from ‘zero-to-hero’ in blogging.  When I started blogging I found that the tutorials were very good. I read them with a lot of  excitement. But I allowed myself to be carried away by this excitement, and without going to the end of the tutorials, I hurriedly started blogging. You can guess what happened. I did a lot of things the wrong way. I faced difficulties; I asked questions which I would not have asked because the answers were already there. I spent quite much time searching for solutions in the wrong places.

The cost of this error was almost too high for me.  Many times I found myself on the verge of frustration as things did not always go as I desired. I came close to being discouraged and almost gave up. Luckily, I decided to go back to the basics.  It was then that I discovered I had gone away only with half information and had gone to the level of application without a good understanding of what I was supposed to do.

It is important for all of us to make sure that we never go away with half information and start acting on what we have.

If you are a student, for instance, you have to make sure that you always go away with full information as far as your studies are concerned; not half information. This means listening to your teacher well before you start to do what he may be asking you to do.  If he is teaching, get to the end of what he is teaching you.

If someone is giving you instructions, listen to them to the end. If you buy an equipment for your home, make sure you read the instructions well before you start using it.

Hasty decisions

You must avoid hasty decisions.

This is different from quick decisions. Many times you may be required to take quick decisions especially if you are in a position of leadership. Without the ability to take quick decisions you may not give good leadership to the company, institution or organization you are leading. This, however, does not mean taking hasty decisions. A sound quick decision means you have got all the information on the matter and in a quick way you have weighed all the angles of it and decided on what to do.

We take many decisions everyday on many things: what to wear; where to go; how to go there; who to talk to; who to go with etc. These decisions need that we reflect properly even if it is quick reflection.  We need to make well-considered and timely decisions.To take a decision without reflection is to work for our own failure.

Your success depends on taking right decisions. You cannot be sure to take right decisions if you have the habit of going away with half information and jumping to conclusions.

So let’s get your opinion.

What is your take on taking hasty decisions? Jumping to conclusions? Going away with half information?



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