A more dangerous kind of starvation

Starving the mind

Many people do not seem to know that their minds need nourishment. They feed their bodies; but starve their minds.

photos from scholarship[ (6)If you want to succeed, you must feed your mind well. Do not concentrate on nourishing your body and neglect the mind.

There is a big lesson I have learned about life which I cannot wait to share with you.

I know you will be wondering what it is that I am talking about. Let me waste no time to let it out to you .

It has to do with feeding the mind.

I cannot recall the exact words of the icon who taught me the lesson; but what he said boils down to saying the mind must not feed only on itself. If we allow our mind to feed only on itself, it will stop growing. It will vegetate; if it does not completely die.

We have to nourish our minds with nutrition from other minds.

What does this mean?

That we must:

  • Be open to new ideas??????????
  • Listen to other people
  • Refrain from dismissing what we do not understand;

What are the benefits if drinking from other people’s minds?

  • We grow.
  • We add new knowledge to what we already know.
  • We learn how to do things we did not know how to do.
  • We increase our chances of success.
  • We perform better in life because we are able to do things in new ways.
  • Our contribute better to the growth of our service.
  • Our country and the world become better because we are able to do what we did not know.

Ways to feed on other people’s minds:

  • Pay attention to other people in person-to-person situations.
  • Attend conferences.
  • Listen to other people at meetings.
  • Listen to radio
  • Watch television.
  • Browse the internet and read all the amazing things written and said there.
  • Read books, newspapers and magazines.
  • Travel with your eyes open.

The volume of knowledge that is available in the world waiting for you to tap it and exploit for your good and the good of humanity is amazing. To call it an ocean of knowledge might not be good enough.

You could spend all your life drinking from this ocean as much as you can but at the end of the day you shall not have done more than scratch it at the surface. It is unbelievable what people know and are doing. And this is just a dot compared to what we have ahead. To say  the best is still to come is not an overstatement.

The thing that appears to you to be impossible only appears so because you have not learned to do it. While you see it to be impossible there are people who doing it with ease perhaps not far away from you.

If you are a beginner in blogging you may find writing compelling posts an uphill task; but that will be just because you have not learned how to do it. Across the net there are fantastic blogs by people who have learned how to do it. They did not know how to do it by magic.  They drank knowledge from the minds of others.

What prompted me to write this post was the experience I had on the net. I did a lot of browsing having committed myself to give to my readers nothing but the best; and that demands that I do extensive research to be very sure of what I give out.  What I discovered was mind-boggling.DSCN0543

If you do not drink from the fresh spring in the minds of others know that you are limiting yourself.

You must increase your chances and guarantee your success by feeding your mind on the minds of others. What do you think?

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