Live your dream life


Is a life beyond your wildest dreams a possibility?

Is it realistic?


I say this without hesitation.

I now believe more than ever before that for anyone to live a life beyond their wildest dreams is a real possibility. But not everybody will enjoy that blessing.

In truth, when I read about the possibility of a life beyond one’s wildest dreams, talked about it and encouraged people to go for it, I did so with half a heart, not really believing it was a possibility for everybody. It sounded nice to say; and people loved to hear it.

Things have changed. I have never been as certain as I am today that such a life is a high possibility for everybody, including you who are reading this.

Now I am sure and certain that a life beyond our wildest dreams awaits us.  If you are not already living it, it awaits you.

This may sound sweet-sounding in the ear; but it is meant to be far from being just sweet talk.  I will tell you what makes  as me say this: what I hear and what I see.

I daresay you will see like me if you:

  • Interact with the kind of people with whom I interact.

  • Listen to the kind of people to whom I listen.

  • Hear  the kinds of things I  hear.

  • See the kind of things I see; and

  • Do the kinds of things I do.

If you do this, there will be no doubt in your mind that a life beyond your wildest dreams is not far away from you.

Where do you find my kind of people?

  1. On the net.
  2. In growth and self-improvement blogs.
  3. In motivational and inspirational blogs like this one.

You do not need to go far. Just stay here.  Come here everyday and you will find enough help, support, encouragement, inspiration, and motivation to go for and achieve a life beyond your wildest dreams.

If you sit there and don’t do anything, everyday you will have people coming from behind you and going ahead and living their wildest dreams.

  • Every day, I meet people who had no opportunities for making it in life; who were further down the ladder than you will ever go; but today  they are flying in ways that beat all imaginations.
  • Every day I meet people who just yesterday were just ordinary people.  Today they are extraordinary people; flying in the sky; soaring high; and no one can say if they will ever perch here below. Their place seems forever in the sky where milk and honey flow.

We all are endowed with formidable talents and opportunities that can take us to where we like to be; but, unfortunately:

  • Many are still to now they are.

  • Many are yet to see theirs.

  • Many are still to know how to develop theirs.

  • Many are still to exploit theirs.

  • Many are still to be motivated to care.

This explains why to many people, living a life beyond one’s wildest dreams is a far-fetched dream. It is unrealistic; wanting to fly to the moon in a plane.

You can begin to see why only a few will achieve such a dream.  Isn’t it so well said that  ‘Many are called but few are chosen’?

“Many,’ indeed, ‘are called but few are chosen.”This may be so, perhaps, till the end of times.

Are you going to be among the few chosen or among the majority who live wasted lives? I daresay it t is easy to know those who are bound for a life beyond their widest dreams.

  • If you burn with a desire to make the most of your life, you are most likely bound for a life beyond your wildest dreams.
  • If you are attracted by blogs like this one which is out to bring out the best in you and change the world, you are definitely bound for a life beyond your wildest dreams.
  • If you are prepared to work hard; and as hard as if all depended on hard work, your are bound for a life beyond your wildest dream.
  • If you are ready to courageously face and overcome all the challenges that come your way; to persist in the face of difficulties, you are bound for a life beyond your wildest dreams.
  • If you remain focused on your vision and ever moving towards it, you are bound for a life beyond your wildest dreams.

I see no reason why this should not be you.

You should be among the chosen few.

I invite you to resolve now to go for a life beyond your wildest dreams. The first step is to take the decision. Nobody will do it for you.  You must do it for yourself.

Once you take the decision and begin to take the right actions, you cannot fail unless you stop before you reach the Promised Land; before you get your golden crown.

I want you to bear three things in mind:

  1. A life beyond your wildest dreams is a real possibility.
  2. When you go for something never turn back until you get it.
  3. At the end of your journey you shall get your golden crown:
  • If you are focused;
  • If you believe;
  • If you persist.
  • if you keep on keeping on.
  • If you never turn back until you get it.

What do you think.  Keep the conversation going. Let us impact one another with our ideas through our comments. You may never know how far your idea will go to change the lives of others and the world. And if this has touched you, please share it to your friends around the world. Go to the share box below and share.

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