The challenge of being a teacher

The teaching Profession
Today, I want us to look at the teaching profession. How do you see the teaching profession? Is it a prestigious profession? Should teachers be proud to be teachers?

A question specifically to teachers
If you are a teacher, why did you become a teacher? Was it by mistake, necessity or choice that you became a teacher? If you had to choose afresh would you still like to be a teacher? How are teachers perceived and treated in your country? Are you satisfied with the treatment that teachers are given by the government and the people?

Why these questions and this topic?
If I brought up this topic and I am asking these questions it is for  a number of reasons:

  • I think many people fail to know the real value of teachers and the teaching profession.
  • I count a lot on teachers for my vision of an excellent world.
  • I believe teachers can change the world.
  • I have great respect and admiration for them.
  • There is a talk which I have prepared very well and which I hope to take not only to teachers but also to those in a position to determine policy in their countries.
  • Teachers are the architects of the world.
  • Teaching is a great profession. In fact, I call it the greatest profession in the world.
    I have written a book for teachers.

It is rather unfortunate that there are a lot of teachers who do not seem to know the great importance of teachers and the teaching profession. They are not proud to be teachers. They behave as if they were hiding their identity as teachers. If somebody tells me they are ashamed of their profession, I wouldn’t doubt it. Such are definitely the ones who are in the profession by chance and wish they were doing something else.

Of course, this is not very different from the way I used to see teaching myself. I started my career as a teacher. At that time, to be honest with you, I did not hold teaching in high esteem. I got into the profession only because I wanted to get a job and have a source of income. It was only later on that I discovered there was no profession as important as teaching. I found it to be the number one profession in the world; the best profession you can think of. However, you must know how to find your way in it. If you are in and think things will move on their own you will end up being lost and frustrated; and you may hate the profession.

It’s not about money
What I am talking about is not about money. I do not want you to start looking at it in terms of remuneration, advantages, honor and prestige in society. No. In all that, the teacher may not have what others have. The teaching profession may not offer what other professions offer. I am looking at the joy that one can derive from a job. I am looking at the opportunity that a job offers to serve humanity and reap enormous benefits in non material or financial ways.

Teachers are the architects of the world
Teachers are the ones who mold all those who determine the destiny of the world. Whether it is the Pope, the President of the United States of America, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the President of a country, they all pass through the hands of a teacher or teachers. To paraphrase one great writer, only sitting in a classroom, the teacher can influence eternity.

The tip of the iceberg
There are many reasons to be proud to be a teacher. What I have given here is just the tip of the iceberg. To be a teacher and not be proud to be one is actually strange.
My first book for teachers

I have written a book for teachers. It is titled ‘The Teacher’. In the first year of its publication, all the copies were exhausted. If you are a teacher you will love this book. It gives you all the reasons you should be proud to be a teacher. It mentions some very great teachers and what made them great. It gives you some of the best quotes on teachers and teaching. Above all, it tells you what you need to do as a teacher to make a lasting impact on your pupils, your students and the world.
You can get a free copy

It is my plan to make ‘The Teacher’ an e-book.  This will make it easily available to readers of this site. If you would like to download it for free when the time comes that will be possible. You will love it. Also, it will be a most valuable gift. It will give you the inspiration, motivation and teaching skills you need to stand out as a teacher. To get it, you will have to register. If you are following this blog, then you are already qualified for it. If not, click ‘Follow yoursuccessinspirer on this page and that will place you on the list. Do that now.

Motivational speaker for teachers
If teachers are organizing an event and want someone to talk to them about why they ought to be proud to be teachers, or how they can make a lasting impact as teachers, I am available. It could also be a seminar, workshop or conference for teachers or student-students in training.
Let me get your view

I like to know if your view of teachers and teaching has changed after reading this post. Go to the comment box and say what you think. Some people think teaching is a profession for women especially at the elementary and secondary levels. What do you think about this? Moreover, should young people take up teaching as a career? Do teachers have any reason to be proud to be teachers? You don’t have to answer all the questions in your comment. If anyone inspires you drop me a comment.

8 thoughts on “The challenge of being a teacher


    • Not at all. The teacher cannot actually be paid for the great job he does. It’s about service to society; building the world; answering a call; making use of your gift; affcting eternity.

  2. Indeed Doctor, teaching is and will forever remain a noble profession. It’s but just objective and visible that everyone striving for the quest of education in life must go through the tutoring of a teacher. Despite all the challenges and odds some of them might experience on the field ; I will only only shout a big “thank you” to them while praying to the Almighty to weed out all the quacks who regularly mar this most cherished profession.

    • Thank you Peter for your beautiful comment. I know how much you enjoyed teaching when you taught. I admire you for the great things you are doing. Congratulations on your Master’s degree. Though visually impaired you are doing marvels which others cannot do. Come back soon for my next post on the visually impaired and people with disabilities in general.

  3. Teachers are indeed the moulders and builders of the society.Teachers have every reason to be proud of this Noble profession;it is a divine call and a only the privilege can be called to serve as teachers.Congratulations to all the teachers who priorities moral and academic excellence in education for an excellent world they already belong to the EXCELLENT WORLD INTERNATIONAL community even without registering.

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