500 words Day 2

Today, I continue My 500 Words challenge and enter day 2. My goal for this challenge is straight and simple. I want to gain skills for captivating, engaging, and thrilling posts to educate, motivate, inspire and persuade my readers to bring out the best in them and give the best they can to the world.

I believe many of us have enormous potentials that are wasting away. While some people make the most of their abilities, gifts and talents, there are others who are wasting theirs away.

This is because they have not been educated to bring out the best in themselves. They are not even aware of the enormous potentials that they have. They need an education that makes them aware of their potential. They need an education that helps them actually exploit their hidden talents and gifts and shine instead of sitting back to envy those who are doing well whereas they equally have talents that they can use to make marvels.

Through this 500 Word Challenge, I hope to gain more skills to inspire such people to exploit their talents and become giants in their field. I want to be a producer of high-achievers, millionaires, icons, champions through inspiring, convincing, persuasive posts which will jerk them out of their comfort zone to start climbing to the top of the ladder.
This, however, will only be a step to where I want to land. My final destination is an excellent world for everybody to enjoy. I believe that when people become the best people that they can be, they will in turn offer the best that they can offer to the world. The more people do this , the better the world will be. Therefore, with my writing and communication skills I hope to influence, motivate and inspire a lot of people to first bring out the best in themselves and then to offer the best they can to the world.
My target is to get one billion people to share this vision and come together in one forum: Excellent World International Organization to work as one person to make it a reality.
I am convinced that out in the world there are more than a billion excellent people who want to live well with others; see good prevail over evil; have peace; love; and justice in the world. They are ready to offer the best they can to have an excellent world for everybody. All they need is a leader to bring them together into one forum to work together so that each brings their own building-block to the giant edifice known as an excellent world for everybody void of discrimination, biases and prejudices.
For the next one month and beyond, this shall be my focus as I purse My 500 Words Challenge. I invite you to join me right away.

The crusade is already on. Did I say crusade?It is more than a crusade.

It is a revolution. No turning back.

See my message of Saturday on this same blog.Follow yoursuccessisnpirer.com.

The train is on the move.

Be part of the revolution.

14 thoughts on “500 words Day 2

    • I very much appreciate this compliment. Surprisingly those were the very early days of my blog. I was still very uncertain of where I was heading to, although I was very determined to get to the end. I am happy that you are able to go back that far on this site beloved friend. Honestly you amaze me. Let me tell you why very frankly. My belief is that Americans are very busy people who value their time and will not have time for anything that is not very important to them. I do not see this site as important to you, the man I see in front of me as I can’t see anything you can learn from it (I am not undervaluing my own work; I am only being honest). I see your interest more like a sign of your desire to encourage someone you think is making a good effort to be of service to others. This is why I am very appreciative because I really need this kind of support. May God bless you for this kind heart!

      • My friend,
        You ask why I visit your site. Iam a person of the world. a member of a global community. I seek knowledge as I have previously stated. I know next to nothing about Sub-Saharan Africa, its people or its ways. You Ngobesing are my window on Africa. I am skeptical of things reported in the Media. In observing the activities on your site I obtain perspective. Do They Watch TV in Cameroon? I don’t, except for two weeks of the year when I am on vacation.

        Americans are busy, They and I value their time. It is a precious thing. The next paragraphs are an example of how I use my time on the internet. Its probably boring so you may want to spend your time Otherwise. (You have been warned).

        I approach projects as a business venture. I Have an idea. Come up with a plan. Develop a Strategy. Make a budget. Do research.

        Then I start to work. Periodically, (after midnight on Sunday is good. My market, (viewers is mostly in bed), I evaluate and and revise my plans and thinking as required. ( This is called the short version).

        The Long Version: Iam very new at this whole internet game, (12.22.14). A newby we call them. I started by obtaining a youtube channel. I got caught up in the view thing. The community of musicians I had joined have a video club which allows you to post three videos a week. They comment on Google+ in very supportive ways. In the first month of videos I received 1000 views. The funny thing was I received 1500 views on google+ . Remarkable!

        (Drift) I have a project I started to hold a ukulele picnic this July. I do not think it will be profitable since this is the first time I am attempt an event of this scope. I can finance this my self but expect it to pay its own way. Maybe make a profit. Any profits that may accrue will be donated to the Cincinnati Childrens. Hospital. I am disabled, but privileged. Other crippled kids aren’t. These are the ones I wish to support. (end drift).

        This project requires I create a website. My timetable requires it to be functional on the first of March. I discovered WordPress and instead of recreating the wheel I look around to see what others have done. I started working on this on (2.13.15). 157 views as of a minute ago. Much much more interesting in the blogosphere however. During the same period I created 12 videos (!250 views), 16% of my views are from outside the US and Canada. I have followers on five continents. These are modest numbers but impressive results.

        Okay Guys, You’ve heard my plans. Seen how they work. What do you think? Where can I improve my methods or product? This is the way one American does it.

        Ngobesing, I don’t do this for you. You know what your doing. Your plan clearly is working. Iam learning from you and your followers. I like you Ngobesing . I think your doing good work. I want to learn about Africans. If in some small way I can bolster your efforts, I wish to do so. I know I have changed how some people think about Americans here. That is good too. You see I have another plan Iam working on too. It will probably never happen but why not go for it?
        I want a can of Whirled Peas!

        Does this answer your question?

        • Wonderful! You are so loving. You take time to explain things. It shows a generous heart. You have many wonderful plans. It’s not all I have understood; but I am happy that you have plans to make life better for people; and make the world a better place.
          My prayer is that God may help you in your plans. Thank you for your interest in my continent. I particularly like America; and Americans. Your country is my dream country. If I had a chance I would love to live there for sometime. I visited once as a young man for studies. That was in 1981. You Americans have a spirit that I adore. You are positive; hardworking and dream big. My life has been shaped by your country and people in the sense that I have read a lot of self-help books by Americans which have built in me a positive outlook on life. I have more to write but I am being called away by some duty for now. thank you for being my friend and sharing your plans with me. Please continue to be my friend and to share with me. also congratulations on your wonderful work. As for the help you can give me, I wish you could help attract more traffic to my my blog. I do not yet master how to do it. I am planning to upgrade my blog as soon as I can afford the finances. I want to reach as many people in the world as I can. If I get to a stage where my blog is able to fetch some revenue, that can help me do many things in the world. Now I am engaged in helping fetch money to save the lives of cardiac patients. At the moment I have championed the cause and saved three lives and wish to do more. Hence success with my blog can make me do more. As I said I am called away by an assignment. I will say more later. Have a great day, loving friend.

              • I am glad you are self motivated to use this information. I shared it with an Indonesian gentleman too. He keeps coming back for more assistance. I don’t think he even read the info from the link. I like to assist people where I can but resent being treated like a handmaiden.

                • Thank you very much. I read it immediately and am taking time to see where I fit. Of course, we have an obligation to respect the time, effort and goodwill of those who offer to help us. I do very much appreciate. What I proposed to you was what had been on my mind for a while. It is not like not appreciating your offer of help. I have a dream while enjoying the fruits of other people’s labor to be part of a new creation so that others may also enjoy.Have a great day!

          • Ngobesing, the link I just sent may help finance your projects. As I understand it a loan proposal needs to be fully subscribed to before funds are obtained so it is propablly not good for quick shots of capital. investigate Kiva.

            Iam a Cardiac patient free advice: watch your diet and execise three times a week, half hour minimum.

            Ngobesing, Iam just learning how to build networks myself. Iam unable to work because of disabilities so I have time to pursue this. It takes a lot of time and a lot of follow through. I hope it is worth it. I have a strategy for this. I am running a test case this week on Linke-in. I started 2.20.15 with 2 in network. My goal long and short term is 501 connections. 87 as of just now. I’m giving this til 3.1.15 to fly. I won’t make 500. If I get to 200 I will blog on the experience. have to go.

            • Hello friend! You have very great and inspiring plans. I get motivated somehow each time I read from you. I see you have sent me a link which I am still to get to. I started reading from the latest mails so I am sure to get to the link you have sent to me. Thanks for such wonderful love and care. Truly, I need this kind of support. I believe with support I can do a lot for others. The advice you give about cardiac problems is good. I was just thinking that I would suggest to you something. There are actually many people in my country and I believe in other countries who are suffering from cardiac problems and cannot afford the money for operation. I started a fund here known as Rescue Fund for the Desperate. As I said we have succeeded in saving some lives. I have reflected and I think it can do better if such a non-profit were based in the US or another European country. Could you and some friend think of creating such a non-profit “Rescue Fund Worldwide” to help helpless cardiac patients around the world to undergo cardiac operation. I could represent you here in Africa. From the number of cases that come up monthly for assistance I believe such a non-profit will be of immense service. I pray that if your hands are full or you are not inspired you may pass on the idea to anyone who may be interested or have the time.

  1. I am looking forward to know how I can bring out the best in myself. go straight away to give us the steps. I am anxiously waiting.

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