You are wonderfully talented

Are you aware of your talent?
When we mention the word talent, many people take up their heads.  They want to hear; because they want to know.  They want to know their talents. They want to know if they have talents at all.

Do you know your talents?

Many people do not know their talents. They don’t even know they have talents or are talented. Hence they let their talents waste just for them to turn around and adore those who display their talent.
You have wonderful talents.

We all have talents. Our creator has endowed everyone with talents. Erica Jong puts it very well when she says,

 “Every one has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads.”
Talents are not to waste

If talents have been put in us they are not for us to allow to waste. They are for us to develop and exploit for our good, the good of our family, our country and the world.

My 500 Word Challenge
I will focus my ‘500 Word Challenge’ tomorrow on talents and gifts and what you must do for yours to make you shine like the stars that we all adore. You surely know some stars who display great talent, like in football, writing, music, etc.

Inspiring quotes on talent

  • Ahead of tomorrow’s post, I give you some wise quotes on talents for your enjoyment and reflection:


  • “Genius is the gold in the mine; talent is the miner who works and brings it out” (Marguerite Blessington).
  • “One of the greatest talents of all is the talent to recognize and to develop talent in others” (Frank Tyger).
  • “Use whatever talents you possess: the woods would be very silent if no bird san there except those that sang best” (henry Von Dyke).
  • “We all have at least a talent. Some have more than others; but what matters is not the number that we have; it is what we do with what we have.” (Ngobesng Suh Romanus)
    ” If we can summon the courage to follow our talent through the dark tunnel of training, the world will hear about us.” (Ngobesing Romanus)
    Two requests from you:

Kindly tell us what you think about talents.
join me tomorrow for My 500 Words on talents.


8 thoughts on “You are wonderfully talented

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  3. I can’t wait to receive it. You are right , my own head is up! And you are right too that many do not know their own talents.

    • Hi Julius! delighted you stopped by. You, indeed have wonderful talents; and they will go to sleep if they are not permanently fired up. Thank God you know where to go to get fired up and then you soar high. I’ll be back at the end of the day with the next phase on this talent issue. Wise people spend their time wisely reading things that fire them up. Bravo!

  4. Quite certain that talent is a gift from God Almighty, everyone endowed with talent needs to utilize it very effectively and efficiently for the glory and honour of His Holy name. We might from time to time utilize our respective talents negatively and for egoistic reasons, but let’s beware that we have a just and patient God who will permit us for a while but one day must expose our wrongdoings to the lamp-light. So, we better strive on righteousness to fulfill the purpose to which our talents were meant for by the Creator.

    • Yes Peter, it could not have been better said. Let’s use our talents to promote good in the world. All the talented people that we are must rally together in Operation One billion people for an excellent World. Join me in the next post to say more about talent.

  5. Being able to identify your talent is something quite good. Not everyone is able to do so. I really need to know my own talent. Though u had once told me of the talent that is most outstanding in me, I still feel deep down in me that there is some other thing that I am not touching. Thank u for reminding me about this topic which is like the centre of one’s life. I say this bc if u cannot identify your talent and focus on it , then u might be wasting ur life bc it is just like a goal that u are pursuing in life.

    • You are right, Emilia. It is absolutely important to know your talent and develop it so that you can also shine like the guys who develop theirs and become so great. None should waste their talent. For more on this, watch out for my next post.

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