Explode your talent

My 500 Words Challenge Day 3.
Explode your talent
Let us start by understanding what is meant by talent. What does it mean to say that somebody has a talent?
It means the person has a great ability in something.

Let me explain

There are people who are talented in making friends. They get along easily with others. When they get to a new environment before long, they are interacting with people hitherto unknown to them as if they had been old friends.By the time they are parting from each other, they have knotted strong friendship ties; and this friendship could last for the rest of their lives.

There are people who are talented in singing. They sing beautifully, like nightingales as if they were born to sing.Their voices can be described as angelic. Those who listen when they sing enjoy them. Their music touches the hearts of millions of people around the world, moving and inspiring them; making the singers in question to print their names in the Hall of fame.

There are people who are talented in learning and speaking new languages. They learn new languages easily and speak them fluently. They can switch from one language to the other without any difficulty.

There are talented people in peace-making. They master the art of making peace. You could call them master peace-makers. They become very important when it comes to negotiating peace between conflicting parties.

Have I talked about the talented TV anchor or the talented teacher? Not yet. What I can say is we could go on and on. The simple truth is that in every field there are people who have great talents. There are talented Medical Doctors, talented leaders, talented writers, talented journalists, talented engineers, and talented business men and women. There are talented footballers, artists and you name the rest.

We could take a few examples.
The few examples that come to my mind are, first Maradona from the Pope’s home country, Argentina. He used to be a great world football star. We have the African Millenium footballer, Roger Milla. There is Portugal’s Ronaldo, Zidane from France; Samuel Eto’o Fils from Cameroon; and many others. On the pitch they play like wizards and are adored by millions of fans across the globe. When such stars are playing many people rush home to watch the match and see them score.

In the field of music there are also great talents we can mention such as Jim Reeves, Michael Jackson, Nana Mouskouri, Manu Dibango, Anne Marie Nzie among others.

If you look around where you live, you will, undoubtedly, find great talents. When you find a great talent, you can say that their talent has exploded. It is a wonderful blessing for one’s talent explode. When your talent explodes, you look extraordinary. You even seem to be a super human being.

The difficulty is to make your talent to explode. A lot of people often ask to know if there is anything one can do to make one’s talent explode. The answer is there is. It cannot explode on its own. It is rare for a talent to explode on its own. As I mentioned in my post You are wonderfully talented we all have talents but we are the ones to make our talent explode. When that is done, we will see ourselves lifted to the sky. What we need to do for our talent to explode is what we shall see tomorrow in ‘My 500 Word Challenge’ Day 4.

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