Reasons to celebrate life

What reasons do you have to celebrate life?

Do you have any reasons to celebrate life? There are two sides to life. The good and the bad; the DSC_1399 - Copypositive and the negative. Which are you focusing on? Are you focusing on the good or on the bad? Is it on the positive or on the negative?

Many people focus on the negative

Many people in the world focus on the negative. If you make a study of the people around you, that is what you are more likely to find. They focus on the negative and not on the positive. They see what is bad much more than what is good.<

What a sad reality!

It is sad that a lot of people spend their time doing this. You find them frowning, criticizing, denouncing, and condemning. Their minds are on evil, hatred, human cruelty, in short on the wickedness in the world. This makes it hard to see anything beautiful to admire in the world. It makes it difficult to appreciate, praise and enjoy what is good in the world.

This should not be so

While there is evil in the world which should be denounced and condemned,

There is also a lot of good which should be hailed and upheld.

While there is the ugly side of life,

There is also the beautiful side of life.
While there are reasons to mourn,

There are also reasons to rejoice and celebrate.
While there are reasons to cry,

There are also reasons to laugh and laugh out our lungs.


  • Instead of spending all our time crying about the wrongs of the world, let us spend it admiring and enjoying what is right with the world.
  • Instead of spending all our time chanting songs of sorrow, let us spend it chanting melodies of joy.
  • Instead of seeing our glass as half empty, let us see it as half full.
  • Instead of finding reasons to complain, let us find reasons to celebrate.
  • Instead of counting our woes and complaining, criticizing, and condemning, let us count our blessings, appreciating and thanking God for them.
  • Instead of seeing obstacles on our way, let us see opportunities and challenges to greater effort.
  • Instead of seeing reasons to give up believing we are doomed to fail, let us see reasons to fight harder and win more victories.
  • Instead of seeing stumbling blocks or banana peelings on our way, let us see stepping-stones to greater and better things.

This is the way
This is how to make the most of our lives. This is how to make the world an excellent place for everybody.

Do not focus on the negative

Focusing on the negative is detrimental.

  • It impedes our progress.
  • It makes us unable to do what we are capable of doing.
  • It makes us halfhearted in our efforts to succeed.
  • It makes us to easily give up and become frustrated and bitter.

Focus on the positive

Focusing on the positive, on the other hand, has advantages.

  • It brightens our minds.
  • It makes life more enjoyable.
  • It make us look for reasons to try to do things and to be happy rather than finding excuses not to do anything or to be unhappy.

It is better to focus on the positive in life.


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2 thoughts on “Reasons to celebrate life

  1. In addition Doctor, rather than cursing the darkness, it is better to light the candle. We should focus on the positive reasons for celebrating life because our good God only permits those occasional obstacles and not wills them deliberately to mar our progress. Certainly, we should only refrain from those negative outcomes in order to strengthen our faith in the Almighty.

    • Brilliant Peter. Thumbs up to you. Thanks for making this your favorite site. Keep on. With partners like you the world will hear about us. Hope you share with all your friends. I have just posted part two of my article on talent – ‘Explode your talent.’

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