How to discover your talent

My 500 W0rd Challenge day 4

I believe you are waiting for me to keep my promise concerning your talent?

I say this assuming that you read my last post “Explode your talent”. If you did, you certainly understand I am keeping my promise right away with this post.
As you may know from the bible, we must always do what we promise to do; for it is better not to promise than to make a promise and not keep it.

Thumbs up if you are anxious to know your talent and develop and exploit it. In my last post, t talked of exploding it. I know no better gift which you can give yourself than discovering, developing and exploiting or making your talent explode.

As I have often told the young people I deal with, there can be no predicting how high anyone who does this will rise in life.

Thank God those of them who listened to me and did what I told him saw the results themselves. They discovered and developed their talent in broadcasting and today are in top positions in many of the radio stations in their communities. I trust it is only just beginning.
How to know your talent.
One of my readers put this question to me after reading the first two posts on the subject. I quickly understood her because even for me it was not easy to discover mine.It wouldn’t surprise me if it is the same thing for many others.
There are ways to discover your talent

I give you four ways::

  1. Your interest or passion. Look deeper at what interests you.What do you love doing?What is it that obsesses you? What attracts you?
  2. What others say about you.Do not ignore the good things that people say about you. It is easier for others to know what you are good at than you.Ask others to tell you what they see your talent to be. You may ask your family members, friends, teachers colleagues, classmates etc.
  3. You past success can give you a clue. It is possible for your past success to contain your talent.It could be very deeply buried inside them If you put them together you may find they are leading to a certain direction. That could be where your talent lies. Take a simple thing like hosting a meeting. If you look at it, you might be surprised to find that you have great ability to organize. This could be leading to a talent in leadership.
  4. Look at both your strengths and your weaknesses.In your strengths you talents may lie and even in your weaknesses as well. Your creator may want you to discover your talent as you face the challenge of overcoming that weakness.Let me take my example. Many people consider me a talented speaker; but that is where I was weakest when I was young. If I organized an occasion and it required that I should make a speech I would ask my friend to speak for me. It turned out that in that weakness lay my talent which I discovered and developed.If you take these four steps you will know your talent. It is very important except you want to be like people who live by an ocean but wash their faces with spittle; or like the poor man who sat on his gold mine all his life and died a pauper.

    In the next post we are going to see how you can develop your talent.

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