Why I recommend WordPress to my friends

You know what?

Since I started blogging with WordPress, I get more and more amazed everyday.

DSC_1399 - CopyIf I tell you I am not in love with WordPress I am not telling the truth.
I’ve been blogging for quite a while. The platform that has won my heart is WordPress.

I like to share my experience with the hope that it might help those who are just making their entry into the blogging world.

When I talk to people about blogging, I recommend WordPress especially if you are a beginner or still to begin; or you have been blogging for sometime on another platform and not finding it easy. I tell you if you go for WordPress that will spare you all the stresses that bloggers elsewhere go through and end in frustration.

It’s a source of great satisfaction to me that many of those I have talked to have listened, tried it out and thanked me later.
Why do I love WordPress so much?

It’s a story that dates a few years back. I started blogging in 2012 with another platform. It was not easy for me. The first time I went up to two thousand page-views and actually celebrated it. Then all of a sudden I lost the whole blog.  All my efforts to retrieve it went in vain. I started another one. After almost five thousand page-views it again disappeared. I could not stand it. I almost went crazy.
I started a third blog. Other blogs followed; but there wasn’t enough help from anywhere to keep me going. Since I had to struggle all alone, in frustration, I gave up abandoning blogging entirely.
That was when a friend of mine advised me to try WordPress. He actually assured me WordPress was the best.
I decided to give it a try.

The very first day, I was amazed by how  awesome it was.
WordPress takes you from scratch to where you want to go. They offer you a beautiful step-by-step procedure to follow. In their jargon they say they are taking you from ‘zero-to-hero’ in blogging. Things are said in a clear, precise and captivating style.

You are shown:

  • Where to start and how to start,
  • How to Create your account,
  • Choose a web address and plan,
  • Set up your profile,
  • Configure some basic settings,
  • Find your way around WordPress,
  • Give your blog a personality,
  • Publish, and
  • Get connected.

    This is just some of the stuff they put into your head to get you going.
    One thing that I like about WordPress is they teach you the jargon of the web. The jargon of the web is a major challenge that beginners face; and when people don’t understand it, there is no way they can find their way easily; and the next thing you know, they become frustrated and quit.

I  met a young blogger  who had given up blogging and introduced WordPress to her. She jumped back and started to blog and now she tells me she has never been more excited about blogging.

A big plus for WordPress is the round-the-clock support that they provide.WordPress can boast of unlimited, excellent support to WordPress users. You do not get stuck without somebody being instantly ready to help you. They have the best, highly experienced support team in the world.

Until you create a WordPress blog and get to know them, you may not easily understand why millions of individuals, businesses and organizations all over the world go with WordPress.
WordPress has an amazing team of competent and highly motivated developers, designers, marketing and SEO members.

I read a report which says WordPress powers 16.5% of the leading 1 million websites on the net. That is a fantastic figure. A good ‘54.1% of the top 1 million sites that use CMS are powered by WordPress.’ Out of every 50 new domains that are purchased 22 are WordPress domains.

It’s simply mind-blowing.

It wouldn’t surprise me if I were told this brilliant record had earned for them the envy of others in the field.

WordPress has incredible advantages
Let me mention a few:

  • Quality WordPress themes,
  • Hundreds of amazing WordPress plug-ins,
  • Search Engine Friendly.

This is what every blogger likes.

Once you create a WordPress blog, you are immediately brought into contact with other WordPress users around the world and you start to build a readership and followers. That is simply fantastic for bloggers as one of their main dreams is to draw traffic to their site.

Since starting my WordPress blog, I have been greatly edified. I have had a number of heartwarming experiences; the top-most among them being that I have revived my life-dream which had virtually gone dead because of the blogging frustrations that I experienced elsewhere.

I relaunched my ‘Operation 1 billion followers for an excellent World’. My target being to rally 1 billion people into one online forum, Excellent World International Organization, to combine efforts and pursue the ills of the world and eradicate them in favor of an excellent world for everybody to enjoy.

WordPress is definitely poised to continue to break new grounds in providing bloggers a blogging platform that meets their highest aspirations.Their effort is worth emulating.

Since I was helped by a friend to discover WordPress,I deem it worthwhile to pass on the gift to as many people as I can.

That is why I invite you to go WordPress

  • If you have been blogging but not having it easy,
  • If you are still to dive into the blogging world,
  • If you like to take advantage of the opportunities that WordPress offers to get you from ‘zero’to-hero’ or in another WordPress jargon, from ‘gumshoe to guru’,
  • If you want to start a blog today,
  • If you want to start a blog in future.
  • A question to all WordPress bloggers: what is your experience? Do you enjoy WordPress as I do? To those who are still intending to start a blog: Do you like to go WordPress?


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  1. I was fortunate to have picked WordPress at random among the blogging sites when I started my blog. I have no experience on other blogging sites, and have had great success with over 15000 views to date on my site. As with all things software related, I have my dislike for some parts of the tool, but all in all, it works reliably and gets my message across. Thanks for mentioning your troubles with other blogging sites. I will be more careful to recommend to friends why I like WordPress when they mention they’d like to start blogging. 🙂

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