You were born to win

You were born to win

Whatever you want from life,

You can get it if you really want.

Fix your mind on it,

Then go for it;

And keep on going for it until you get it.

Let no one tell you it’s not possible;

Because it is.

If anyone does,

Tell them if it is not be possible

For underachievers like them,

It is possible for achievers

Like you.

Then go ahead and show him

That the things that are impossible to others

Are possible to you,


You were born to win.


Are we together in thinking this way?

7 thoughts on “You were born to win

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  2. I agree with you. I am happy that young people like you are not just talking, you are proving to the world that you can make the impossible happen. Bravo! That is the spirit that took Oprah Winfrey to the planet where she is. Do I see you there one day? I do.

  3. soul searching piece for Born winners…the impossible is possible especially if we set our minds to what we want to make possible and then stay focused.Lovers of poetry will better appreciate this.

  4. It’s definitely quite true. But we might only be perturbed by lack of ambitions and faith in the Almighty. The moment we confide in the Almighty, it’s certain that we’ll become winners for good.

    • You are right, Peter. We are born to win; but not everybody will win. Only those do what it takes to win will win. Those who visit this site will surely win. By coming here they are doing the right thing.What do you think?

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