What I wish I knew a year ago.

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There are many things I wish I had known a year ago concerning blogging.That would have made quite a difference to me.

Now that I know them and know how important they are, I am passing them  on to you. They will be of tremendous help to you.

In this post, I am addressing four categories of people:

  • Beginners in blogging;
  • Those who have been blogging for some time but are not making any headway;
  • Those who are still planning to start blogging;
  • And those who may not have a blog, and may not have any intention to start a blog, but who like to know what is going on in the blogging world.

If you fall in any of these categories, I want to tell you to pay keen attention. I do not like you or anyone else to make the mistakes that I made.

If I had known what I am going to tell you now a year ago, life would have been different for me today.
I would have been flying high as a blogger.You can imagine where my blog would have been. I would have written some e-books already. In short, I would have carved out a place for myself in the blogging world.
You must, thus, count yourself lucky because with what I will tell you, the risk that  you will run into some of the kinds of mistakes that I made is eliminated.

Here we go:

To do good blogging, the best platform to use is WordPress.It is a powerful platform.
This is the platform that powers 16.5% of the leading 1 million websites on the net. It powers ‘54.1% of the top 1 million sites that use CMS’. 22 out of 50 new domains purchased are WordPress domains.
WordPress is used by millions of individuals, businesses, and organizations all over the world.

Therefore, it is the platform to use.

Another thing I wish I had known one year ago is the secret of drawing traffic to my blog. I really wish somebody had told me that it does not suffice to build a beautiful site and write great blog posts. I really wish somebody had told me about mentoring, the need to build a community and how to build a community.

The simple truth is if you go into blogging with nobody to help and guide you, be sure to make too many mistakes and waste too much precious time and energy. That will be like working for nothing; laboring in vain.

Let me reiterate, therefore, that WordPress is the platform that you need for your blog.

  • It will guide you from the very beginning to the end.
  • It will take you from where you are to where you want to reach.
  • It will offer an easy step-by-step procedure to follow. In WordPress jargon, it will take you from ‘zero-to-hero’ in blogging.
  • It will teach you the jargon of the web if you are a beginner. This jargon is not easy for beginners. Many abandon their blogs when they are unable to understand what to do because they do not understand the jargon. Hence, it is a great advantage.
  • WordPress gives round-the-clock support to those who blog on a WordPress platform. Hence whenever you are stuck you will have someone on standby to help you.

These are just some of the things I wish somebody had told me a year ago about blogging. However, it is not too late. It is said better late than never. What is more, you who may just be starting a blog or are planning to start one have heard. What you need to do is to dig deeper into this knowledge in order to master it and take your blog from where it is to the heights.

I am here to help you. On this blog we shall be bringing you all the tips and strategies that you need to take your blog to where you want to take it. Just make sure that you do not miss any of our posts. To guarantee that, if you are not following this blog just click ‘Follow’ so that all our posts will come into your box.That you

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2 thoughts on “What I wish I knew a year ago.

  1. Seemingly an inspiring and workable site indeed. I pledge to set my feet in to it quite fully as soon as I acquire adequate mentoring in blogging.

    • Bravo Peter! You are doing great on this site. I admire your courage and commitment. Those are sterling winning qualities.Take note that this is not my site but our site. I started it but it belongs to all of us. Hence drawing readers to it is our joint responsibility. I count on you.Your friends like Joe Nyingcho are not yet here.

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