500 Words Challenge day 9

Revolution create an excellent world

Today I want to have a short lesson on what we can do to make the world an excellent place for everybody to enjoy.

Are you ready? Excellent!

The first thing: let us agree.

  • Is an excellent world possible?
  • Is an excellent world something worth fighting for?
  • Will it be a good thing for the people of the world if we fought hard and made the world an excellent place for everybody?

Is it a realistic dream?
Let me answer these questions for you:
An excellent world is possible
We all need to join hands and fight for an excellent world.
God meant the world to be an excellent place for everybody to enjoy.
We are the ones who have turned it into a place where evil prevails; where evil dominates.
We have to change this.
We have to change the world and let it be exactly what our creator meant it to be.

How are we going to do this?
This a pertinent question.
We have to ask ourselves:

how did evil come into the world?

How does evil come into the world?

When we know how evil came into the world, we shall know how to dislodge it from the world so that the world becomes an excellent place for everybody to enjoy.
Evil came into the world through our first parents when they fell into temptation and committed original sin.

Why did they do that?

  • Because thy were deceived.
  • They were given wrong information.
  • This information was given in a way that sounded good in their ears.
  • They believed it and so fell into temptation.

This shows the power of information; the power of what we put into somebody’s head.If we are educated to be good we will be good. If, on the other hand we are educated too be evil, we shall become evil.
We shall therefore pass through the door of education to change the world.
No one man can carry out this campaign alone.

This shall be a crusade to reeducate the minds of the people of the world to enable them change their mentalities form negative to positive.
We need people on board.

We need you.

If you are maddened by the evil that we find in the word today, if you believe that God created the world to be an excellent place for everybody to enjoy, then we are in the same boat.

You are the right person to come into this fight with me.
Are you ready to do so?

It shall be a peaceful but powerful fight.

A fight that shall make our children, and children’s children, in short future generations proud of us.
If this means something to you, as it should, take the following actions now:

  1. Go to the comment box right away;
  2. State in clear terms that you in the crusade; that you are in the revolution.
  3. Write “I am in”.
  4. State how passionate about this crusade.
  5. What does it mean to you.
  6. Start reflecting on how you think we should carry on this crusade.
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  8. Share this it through as many social medias as possible.
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    I shall give you the details of how we shall proceed with this struggle.


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  1. An excellent world is quite possible, in case we abide by all the positive tenets of life. Rather, it can be difficult to obtain a perfect world, considering that perfection is an attribute which is reserved for God alone.

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