The life of a poor village boy (cont’d)

Do you remember how sad Che Sama was feeling when we ended the story of The  poor village boy? He was sad because of the shabby treatment he was having where he was working.
What saddened him the most was that even some of his childhood friends who were luckier than him and were either in the university or were working also looked down on him.

Often, they spoke to him rudely. Only a few of them remained kind and loving. Those ones advised him to bear whatever came his way with courage.
“God works in wonderful ways,” Nchinda told him one day. “Do not worry. No one knows tomorrow. God’s time is always the best.”

That was a way of wiping tears from Che Sama’s eyes.
“Thank you for your kind words,” he responded. “If not of God, I would not even be here.”

Although he said this, he never stopped wondering what he had done for God to abandon him. Deep down he felt that God was not on his side.
“You must continue to put your trust in Him,” pursued his friend. “Be patient. God is never in a hurry. When his own time will come, you will see what he will do for you.”
The words lifted Che Sama’s spirits and gave him courage. He always felt better when people encouraged him thus. Each time he heard such words the dark feeling in him immediately brightened up. His faith in God was strengthened. “Definitely God has a better plan for me,” he said to himself.

He never lived a reckless life like most of his age-mates who lived and worked in the city. He was very careful with his life and did his work to the best of his ability.

Many girls came to him and said they wanted to be his friend. Each one of them claimed to admire his ways and showered flattery words on him. Che Sama turned all of them down because he knew what they wanted.

It was not because they loved him but because they wanted an opportunity to be taking drinks from the bar without paying. He knew that if he allowed such a thing to happen, it would ruin him. Hence, he said a firm no to all of them. Even when he spoke decisively, many of the girls did not give up trying to persuade him. They used all the means at their disposal to seduce him. In the end, they found that his no was no.

One of them, Sanah was very angry. She had never imagined herself being rejected by someone like Che Sama. She felt so hurt that she swore to teach him a lesson.
(To be continued)

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