Be strong and emerge a winner


Everyday millions of people see their dreams shattered,

And for  that reason they allow themselves to be battered,

When, instead, new dreams they are supposed to trigger,

And work hard for results that will very well matter.


Keep hitting until the rock on your path is shattered;

And never turn back until what you want is gathered;

Inspire yourself with the thrilling stories of others;

And write yours too that others may be inspired.


Winning, as you know, is not a thing for quitters;

Rather, it is what’s reserved for stickers.

Therefore, allow not yourself to become a quitter.

If you are sure you want to be a winner.


If your dreams for any reason are shattered,

Do not allow yourself like a loser to be battered;

For then you shall become a loser;

 Instead be strong and emerge a winner.

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