What the most successful people on earth do

Jeff Goin's 31-Day writing Challenge

Jeff Goin’s 31-Day writing Challenge

My dear friend, can you guess what keeps me awake every night?

You definitely cannot until I tell you; so let me tell you right away.

Two things keep me awake every night.

The first one is the burning desire in my heart to inspire people to become the best persons that they can be. I want to be that person who masters the art of inspiration and who inspires people to become so fired up that they find themselves turning impossibilities into possibilities.

This is an ambition that is actually burning in my heart. I go to bed with it and wake up with it. I want that those who visit my site should go away different.

My target, before my candle burns out, is to draw to, and inspire at least 20 million people on this site to realize their full potential.
That is why I am awake most of the times when others are enjoying sound sleep. I am up toiling to realize this dream.

I have never been so passionate about anything in my life as this one.Why it has taken my whole heart is I know it is a dream that can come true.
Already, through my thrilling and inspiring radio programs and books, I have motivated and inspired Millions of people to transform their lives.

I therefore believe that through this blog, since I have the possibility of reaching people in all parts of the world, I will be able to reach, touch and transform the lives of my targeted number of people.

I hate to see so much suffering in the world when all that people need to free themselves of poverty and failure is the right knowledge, motivation and inspiration to let loose the sleeping giant in them.

Many of the people who cannot make both ends meet are endowed with such enormous gifts that they would have been soaring high in the sky.

You who are reading this are supposed to be flying high already. In you is all that it takes. It only needs to be developed. Like the rest of us you are blessed with enormous gifts. You are wonderfully talented. What are you using these talents for?

I will never forget the story of the man who sat on his gold mine all his life begging and died a pauper when he would have become a billionaire.

It is because of people like this that I created this blog. I want to help them discover the immense resources buried in them. Then they use them to obtain their heart’s desires?

This is what I have been doing for many years through other media.

You should not think that you were born unfortunate because you have been working very hard but not getting the good things of life and seeing them going to other people.

Do not say ill luck is on your side either. Success is not luck.It is knowing the secrets of success and using them.

This blog is a gold mine, packed full of the secrets of the greatest people in the world which they guard jealously. If you dig into this blog regularly you will find them. Please, use them when you do and before long you will be right on top.

This blog is a golden opportunity. Make the most of it. Do not be like the man who lived by the river but washed his face with spittle. Come here every day; read what I have taken time to offer you. If you do, it will not be long before you become completely transformed.

Start right away to use one of the greatest secrets of the most successful people on earth – sharing. By sharing their blessings they get more. Share this blog to your friends. Share any post you enjoy reading. The benefits of that generosity will fly back to you a hundredfold.

Also, always encourage people. That is what the successful people do. Go to the comment box and write a comment of encouragement.

A great future lies ahead for you.
Thanks and good luck.

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  1. ‘Many of the people who cannot make both ends meet are endowed with such enormous gifts that they would have been soaring high in the sky.’ – You’re so right when you say this! All we need is a little spark and a little courage to keep the ignition 🙂 I’ll definitely suggest your blog to my friends!

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