I sold 10000 copies of my book

I could not believe it was happening to me. But it was.

I sold ten thousand copies of my book in one year.

You may think this is not much; and indeed, it isn’t; if you come from a country with people who read.

I don’t.

In my country reading is not a priority. People have different priorities. It is often said jokingly of course, though it is true to some extent, that if you want to hide something from my people, you put it in a book. Chances are it will never be seen.

Hence, outside school books that must be bought because they are compulsory for students, other books do not sell that much. Writers do not have a good chance of making money through their works.

Yet, my book that is a non-school book has sold more then ten thousand copies.  That is an achievement that merits being celebrated. This is what is called “selling like hot cakes.”

How did I do this?

It is worthwhile knowing this. How did this huge success come about? This is what I want to share with you. It is a strategy that will enable you publish and sell thousands of copies of your own book. It does not matter where you live; you will get the same results as I did.

Let me say something about the book.

It is titled ‘The Teacher, Making a Lasting Impact through the Teaching Profession; The Meaning, value, and purpose of Teaching and Education.’

It presents education as the key to an excellent world and teachers as the architects of the world. Part one talks about the educated man, excellence in education, the best use of education, creative quotient and performance quotient, the school and discipline.

Part two focuses on the teacher and the teaching profession and presents teachers as the architects of the world. It talks about the greatest teacher who ever lived; how the love of excellence can be instilled in students, the value of encouragement in the classroom, making a lasting impact as a teacher and teachers as excellent leaders.

The last part contains inspiring thoughts on teachers, teaching and education. To William Butler Yeats, “Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a candle.’ To Henry Brooks Adams, ‘A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.’

There are many more thrilling and inspiring thoughts on teaching, the teacher and education.

When the book was being published I expected teachers to love it; but the enthusiasm of teachers for this book beat my wildest imaginations.

On the very first day it went public, more than one thousand copies were sold. I could not believe when I saw it happening.

Are you interested in knowing how I did it? You will be surprised when I tell you. It is simple; simpler than you can imagine; but it is a method that works magic. It is the method that the giant-authors use to write and sell millions of their books.

It is the method that Jack Canfield used to sell 500 million books. If you want it I will give it to you. I won’t ask you to pay for it; but you will do something to earn it. Free things are not always good. You value what you work for. Hence I want you to do some work to earn this precious jewell. Attract to this blog two hundred followers and your precious tool will be deposited into your box, just for you.

This is easy, isn’t it. You could do that in a day. Send this message to your friends and once you have brought in just two hundred followers, you will be fine.

Are you in or out?

Go to the comment box and state your stand. This is an opportunity to jump on. Remember as Norman Vincent Peale used to say, “Nothing worthwhile comes easily in life”. The ball is on your side of the court.



27 thoughts on “I sold 10000 copies of my book

    • You better get going. You cannot know where your work can take you unless you put it out to the world. As Charles Dickens says in one of his novels ‘procrastination is the thief of time.’ Have you seen my post on procrastination? If not let me know and send you the link. I would like to repeat what I have already said better in one of my posts: you are wonderfully talented.

    • That’s wonderful Naturelover. I am going to work that out. Before I publish on Amazon, if teachers of your country invite me to come talk to them I’ll hold some copies for you.I have a dream to address teachers all over the world.If there is anything you can do to let teachers outside there invite me to talk, I will be happy.

        • Thanks for your encouraging words. Actually I like to address all kinds of people. I like to tell people of the enormous potential we all have to do great things; to make our dreams come true.I It gives me pleasure to see people go from low positions to high and I want to be the engine doing that for lots of people. I got attracted to you because of your love for nature. Someone who loves nature, I believe, is a very good person and supports others grow. I look forward to much support from you to take my blog and work to the world. I have decided also that I’ll give you as much support also as I can.

    • Thanks for interest shown. If you live in Bamenda in Cameroon just stop over at Radio Evangelium Bamenda. I’ll be happy to meet you; and you will get as many of my books as you can. I can assure you they will make for great reading. I am working out a way to satisfy those at international level who would love to read my books.

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