You cannot stay out of this


I have a dream.

Like Martin Luther, I have a dream.

I believe it is the dream of millions of people in the world. It would not surprise me if billions of people buy my dream. I really think thy will.

What is my dream?

I will tell you. But let me first tell you why I have this dream.

Like you I am tired of the way our world is. There are too many wars; too much  violence; too much injustice, cheating, crime wave and not enough love, kindness, justice, fairness,honesty etc. in the world. I am sure you are like me to hate this state of affairs, otherwise you would not be reading this.

I have said it before.  Let me say it again. People who are attracted b my blog are:

  • kindhearted people;
  • people who want to succeed;
  • people who love good and like to promote good;
  • people who love others;
  • people who like to see love and kindness prevail in the world.

My dream is to tour the world and talk to people about my vision for the world; that an excellent world is possible, though not easy; and that the classroom, teachers, teaching and education have a great role to play.

These are my beliefs:

I believe in teachers;

I believe in teaching;

I believe in education in general;

I believe that only through education can the world be saved.

I want to go round the world talking to teachers in particular; but also to other decision makers and the ordinary people..

What shall I be telling them?

The importance of the education in the endeavor to build an excellent world. It is more important than many people including teachers realize.

I will tell the world that it is only from the classrooms that we will change the world.

I am passionate about this.

I believe we may hold all the conferences in the world, multiply tenfold the budget of international institutions, but that will not create the world we want. Lasting love and peace in the world will come only through the classroom; through education.

We are what our education makes us to be. If we are educated to be excellent people, we will be; and we will offer excellence to the world.  The reverse is also true. The world is what it  is because of the way we have been educated to make it.

This is the message that I will take to the world; and I want you to join me. I want you to help me in whatever way yo can.

Shall you help me?

What shall you do to help me? YOU CANNOT STAY OUT OF THIS. Remember I am only leading a cause which I believe billions of people subscribe to. Hence, let us rally together behind our common belief and need: an excellent world.

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4 thoughts on “You cannot stay out of this

  1. It is true that teachers are the pacesetters of the society. Our first teachers are our parents who start molding us from day zero till they finally hand us over to the classroom teacher. The family should also be recognized as the first teacher who imparts whatever to a child. .

    • Yes, Emilia, you are right. Our parents are our first teachers. In fact, when we talk of teachers, let us not limit it to classroom teachers. Thanks for your comment and support. Let’s continue to share ideas on the net. You are a REAL darling.Have you seen the post on the revolution. The revolution is on; and soon to turn into a whirlwind.

  2. Honestly, the world has been drawn in to shear wickedness and senseless barbarism by ilgotten individuals and irrational groups merely for selfish but egoistic motives. In addition to education, these persons need intense counseling, rehabilitation in special psychiatric homes and absolute incarceration for the arduous ones who will forever remain adamant to change.

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