How to stand out and be counted

No one can fightStand out and be counted.

Do you want to stand out and be counted?

That would be a legitimate ambition. You can stand out ahead of the pack. You may think it is not possible. It is possible.

I will show you how.

In every society, there are people who stand out ahead of the others. They have a secret. Knowing this secret will give you a great advantage over many around you.

Let’s get to the point.

If you want to stand out ahead of others and be counted, do one or more of the following 10 things:

1. Do ordinary things in extraordinary ways.

This is what the woman who is widely acclaimed as the greatest saint of modern times, St. Therese of the Child Jesus did. Countless millions have been touched and influenced by her life and example.

2. Be selfless

Think not only of yourself; think of others even more. Fight not for yourself; fight for others. An outstanding example is Nelson Mandela. He towered high above many of the greatest men of his time because he fought selflessly fr his people. Martin Luther King; Indira Gandhi and many others.

3. Pray as if all depended on prayer and work as if all depended on work.

This should remind you of Oprah Winfrey. This is what she said when she was once asked about the secret of her phenomenal success.

4. Look for a burning need in your community and fill it.

What is it that your people want the most? Find that out and provide it to them; and keep on providing as long as they need it. You will become a legend among them.

5. Be available when your people need someone to stand by them.

There are moments when you need someone to stand by you.  The person who shows up at such moments is usually loved and valued.

6. Be a person of integrity.

Maintain high moral standards. Like the incomparable Abraham Lincoln, stand by anyone who stands right and part with them when they compromise their values.

7. Be a super-positive person

Positive people are not easy to come by. Many people claim to be positive but it is only in name. The truly super-positive person will be kilometers or miles ahead of others around him.

8. Be courageous, fearless and ready to take risks

If you have the courage to dare what others fear to try, you will stand out. Do not fear to try the impossible.It might just be possible and stand you out. Even if you fail, you shall stand out as the person who dared in a big way.

9. Be the voice of the voiceless

Speak out for your people when there is something to say.People who can speak for their people are scarce. Master speaking skills and step forward and speak for your people. Be the voice of the voiceless.

10.  Be a strong person

Positive-mindedDo not let the wind swing you about. Learn to stand on your feet when the weather is rough.Stand firm.

What other thing can one do to stand out of the crowd and be counted?

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