New World Revolution

Operation 1 billion people for an excellent world

At last we have come to it.

We have launched our dream project. It is “Operation one billion people for an Excellent World.”

 What does it mean?

We want to mobilize as many people as we can to come together in one forum Excellent World International Organization to work for an excellent world. 
We believe an excellent world id possible.

We believe that out in the world there are billions of people who are hungry for an excellent world. They are tired of the wars, conflicts, riots, protests, injustices, poverty and all the ills that are destroying the world.

These are people of good hearts; positive-minded people who are ready to put in their best to see that the world is a good place for all. If these people come into a synergy, they will be a formidable force to counter evil in the world.
I am therefore inviting you to be part of this formidable force. It is a silent revolution to change the world.
Our main action shall be to saturate the world with positive literature that will turn all the negative thinking in the world into positive thinking.
We will prove to the world what we have been telling people that nothing is impossible:

  •  when you are determined enough to succeed; 
  • when you are passionate about it; 
  • when you are committed;
  • when you do not give up too early, but persist until you succeed.

Kindly leave word in the comment box to let us know that you are with us. Answer the question: are you in or out? Can we count on you? Are you moving with us?

When you follow you are in the revolution


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