We are eradicating evil in the world

Hi friends!

We must begin our journey to an Excellent World.

We are tired of evil in the world. We must eradicate it.

This is where we start. Four simple things to do:

  1. Say if you are in or out. Are you for an excellent world or not? If you are for, go to the comment box and state clearly ‘I am for an excellent world. I will do what it takes to make my own contribution’. These words are enough.

Do not worry about whether it is possible or not for the world to become an excellent place. If you think that it would be a good thing for the world to be an excellent place, that is enough.What is important is that we play our part while we are here to make the world an excellent place for everybody. The results are left to the creator of the world. Let us only do our part.yes i can

2. The second thing is: at least once a week, write something as a comment on this blog to encourage people to work for an excellent world. You may do it daily if you like. It should not be long. A simple sentence, two, three or four sentences are enough. It could be a quote from a great mind; it could be a proverb. Just say something that builds people; that builds minds; that injects the positive attitude into people. Publish this in the comment box on this blog. Start with: FOR AN EXCELLENT WORLD:…’

3. Read from the comments the contributions of at least two people concerning an excellent world. Comment very briefly on them; very briefly. You may just click ‘like’.

4. Get as many people as possible, and at least, one person a week, to join our crusade for an excellent world. They should join by visiting and following this blog. Do not press if someone is reluctant. Encourage them but know that when the right moment comes they will join the train.

We are for an excellent world join usGo now to the comment box and start work. You are either in or you are out. You either participate and write history of history is written without you. The truth is, for those who see, a revolution has begun.

Read My vision for an excellent world. Soon, the Manifesto of the Revolution will be out.


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  3. Yes! I am for an excellent world. I will urge all and sundry to beware that: “Do unto others what you will like others to do unto you”.

  4. I like this. I’m definitely for an excellent world and will do all I can to make it a better place. I like the positive way you want to work towards a better world here. I’ll try to comment as often as I can.

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