Are you in or out?


My heart keeps burning with the desire to keep on firing up people to bring out the best in them and achieve their fondest dreams.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than for someone’s life to turn around, thanks to the power of motivation and inspiration.

Indeed, I have seen and read about people who have risen from the ground to start an upward march that has landed them right at the summit.

Wherever I will go to get that magic charm that comes from words to achieve this lofty goal, I am ready to go. Although I have spent my whole life doing this as you see here, I continue to learn everyday, dreaming to be an inspirational guru someday.

There are indeed a lot of talented people out in the world who know nothing about the talents they have. They are unsure of themselves; and as a result wallow at the bottom when they would have been soaring at the top.For such people I must spend all my energy to get them to where they are supposed to be.

Also, there are many young people who are unsure of themselves. They can do man things but need someone to tell them they can.  They need to be motivated and inspired to bring out the gold hat is buried in hem. For them too, I commit this blog and the rest of my days.

All this takes us to my dream for humanity – an excellent world. I believe an excellent world is possible – a world free of wars, hatred, terrorism, hunger, injustice and all the ills that are making the world such an unlivable place for many .

If more persons in the world are the best persons that they can be, they will in turn offer the best that they can offer the world; and that will make the world an excellent place for all to enjoy.

Therefore, helping people to succeed, to realize their potential, to achieve their dreams is actually building an excellent world. This is what most of the bloggers I know are engaged in doing.

I am therefore inviting all my readers to join the Excellent World Community. Operation 1 billion people for an excellent world is on. We mean business. Let us bring together this huge number of people to work in synergy to spread the ideas that will go to make the world an excellent place for all.

If we have more people focusing on positive ideas and positive actions than those who promote negative ideas and negative actions we shall win.

Are you in or out? If you are for an excellent world, you are in; but if you have not yet declared your intention, just go to the comment box and say ‘I am for an excellent world.’ Other comments are welcome.




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  1. Thank you for joining the Excellent World Community. On this blog there is a page for the Excellent World Community. It is titled Excellent World Community. That is where we shall share ideas on an excellent world. Please, go there now and start sharing ideas with others on an excellent world. You can share what you think we can do for the world to be an excellent place. You can comment on what others are saying, write a quote or ask a question. Anything that you believe can contribute to make this world an excellent place goes here. Try to the best of your ability to visit this page as often as possible and keep the conversation going.

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