Fearlessly go for what you want.

If you want to do something and know it is right, go ahead and do it.
Don’t fear. 

Don’t doubt. 
Don’t listen to discouraging messages from people. 

If you let fear or doubt take over you, be sure you will never do it.
Fear and doubt are great dream-killers just like discouraging messages.

There will always be people standing by to discourage you; to inject fear and doubt into you; to tell you it cannot be done; that you must not try; that you will fail.

Tell them you will not fail. Tell them you will succeed. Then go ahead and do it and make sure you succeed.
That is what the great achievers do. They defy ll odds. They close their ears to discouraging messages. They turn off fear and doubt and courageously march forward with their dreams until success is achieved.

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 That is the example you must emulate.


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