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We now have a brand new WordPress blog for our Excellent World Dream. It is titled Excellent World International Organization. This name may not be completely new to many of those who have been following us. What is new and exciting is that this is happening on WordPress. As we build this blog, we call on all those who are for an excellent world to rally there for our journey to take off fully.


“He is great who feeds other minds. He is great who inspires others to think for themselves” (Elbert Hubbard).

“no man is truly great who is great only in his lifetime. The test of greatness is the pages of history” (William Hazlitt).


Do you know about the unfailing law of giving? Do you like to give or you only like to receive?

There is an unfailing law of giving which I would like to share with you.

Many people like to receive but do not like to give.

They want God to give them blessings  but when it comes for them to give to God, they either do it grumbling or they do not give at all.

There are people who want friends to give them love, presents and time. When it comes for them to give love, presents and time to these same friends or others, they either do it unwillingly or they do not do it at all.

There are people who are happy when others stand by them when they are in trouble. When it comes for them to stand by others when they are in trouble, they are not ready to do it or they do it grumbling.

There are people who see the good things of life going to others; and they do not understand why they are not also coming to them.

There is one thing that’s important to know about life. The secret of receiving is giving. If you do not give to people, people will not give to you.

In my village we say “He that eats alone dies alone. If you want to receive , learn to give. It is a law that never fails.

You may receive without giving for a time but soon you must stop receiving. Failing to give cuts off the flow of things to you.


Today we end our story “”The life of a poor village boy.”

As Che Sama’s businesses grew, he opened more stores. Having built his own house, he thought it necessary to take in a wife and start having children. When he got to the village it was easy to find a girl to marry. She was called Aleyubi – a strong, dynamic, intelligent and hardworking girl.

She got up early everyday to start working. On some days, in fact, she got up earlier. She had the double duty of selling in one of their stores and keeping the home.
Che Sama and Aleyubi worked so hard that in three years, their account in the bank read ten million cfa francs (5000 USD). That was much money at the time. Their life changed and they began to enjoy the respect of the people of their village. Those who had earlier treated him shabbily began to treat him with respect. Some of them even went to him for financial help whenever they were in need.  He readily helped.

Here ends our story “The life of a poor village boy.” You may go here to see how this story started and put it side by side with its end. Then share the lessons that you draw from it.

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  1. Peter, thank you for always being there. Fidelity is a great virtue. A man’s greatness can also be measured by how faithful he is to causes he has agreed to support. You have remained faithful to this site. Bravo!

  2. Indeed, activities surrounding life remain a reciprocity. Blessed is the hand that giveth than the one that taketh.

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