The last may become the first

Are you the last in your class?

Don’t worry.

Don’t be discouraged.

Don’t give up.

Keep on pushing.

The last may be the first. You could become the first tomorrow.This has happened before to others. It could happen to you

The last may be the first.


10 thoughts on “The last may become the first

  1. Again doctor, some wonderful words of inspiration there. I puzzled and wondered with my versity fellow graduate mates the other day why my humble self who was often top in all the courses could be lying latent at this moment whereas all of them are gainfully employed in one way or the other. Of course, the response quickly surfaced quite confidently that although I seem to be the last for now, definitely my good God is surely reserving a magnificient package for me somewhere someday; that’s enough reason I should keep the faith burning. Indeed your post is just timely to fuel that faith and confidence embedded deep in me.

  2. Ngobesing, thank you for your comfort in your words “The last may be the first”. That is what I just know from my mother that my kindergarten teacher feedback on my class activity. My colouring speed is the slowest among my classmates, but neatest.

    • Thank you Tienny, Can you believe it? I was on your blog where I left a short message and when I came back to mine I found your message. It’s simply wonderful.Many people love your blog and speak very well about it. You are doing a wonderful job. Keep on. The last can be the first. As I say in one of my posts, you can come from behind and win the race.

  3. I appreciate your comment Lora. Actually what I write is good for everybody. Even the oldest persons will find things that inspire and motivate them on my blog. Congratulations on your work.

  4. Hi, thank you for enjoying my ”A New Novel” blog. I had problems signing in to ”NaNoWriMo”, but everything seems fine now. The story is about how people from different cultures get along. I also have two other stories to work on that have nothing to do with ”NaNoWriMo.” And I want to point out that I’m not a teenager. I’m well over 21. Nevertheless, I enjoy your thoughtful words.

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