Three great secrets

I write for young people. I write for the youth of the world. I write for the leaders of tomorrow; but what I write is equally good for older people. It is good for the greatest and richest people of the world.

No one is ever too old, too rich, too high or too important to learn.

Today I want to share three of my greatest secrets.

These three secrets are the source of my strength.

Do you want to know them?

I like you to know them. I do not want to wait until I am at the top before I tell you.

I want to tell you whether you are young or old so that while I am rising to the top you may rise with me if that is your dream. This will enable us hold hands and support each other. This means I will support you; and you will support me.Isn’t that beautiful?

  One source of my strength which I want to share with you today is community.

I have understood that no one makes it alone in this world.
In my blogging community I have met the most amazing people: strong people; brilliant people, courageous people, creative people; people who have tremendous faith and confidence in themselves. I have met inspiring writers; great writers; promising writers. Take a look at those who follow my blog.  You will find amazing people; great minds; wonderful talents.
They have all influenced and continue to influence. They have inspired me. They have fired me up with their words.
I have thus discovered that one of the greatest secrets of success is to be around the best people, get their backing, tap from them; get the key from them to open the door of success for yourself.
With all the wonderful people in my community standing by me, I am sure to get to my place at the top.


Another secret is to give the best of yourself to the world.

The world will give you back what you give it in greater measure. You give the best of yourself to the world when you give the best of yourself to others.Give the best of yourself to those in your community and they will throw their weight behind you. This is what I am learning to do.

Set your eyes, mind and heart on the mountain top.

Set a big goal for yourself. I love people who set big goals for themselves. They are the ones who make it big. I do not like people who sell themselves short. If you have a big dream, count on me to stand by you. I will keep encouraging you until you go for it and get it.
These are the three secrets I thought it wise sharing with you today.

Before I leave you, let me ask you one question: are you already my friend and journeying with me? If you are following this blog then you are my friend and journeying with me. If not, I would like that we become friends. Go to the ‘Follow’ button and click it.  This will make us friends immediately. Take note that friendship is gold.

If we are friends, we’ll do what friends do. Friends chat don’t they? Why don’t we start now? I have been talking to you. Now is your turn to talk to me. A comment is enough. Positive talking between friends is the fuel of friendship.

Over to you.

6 thoughts on “Three great secrets

  1. Thank you Maggi. It’s very generous of you to say what you have said. This is my final gift to the world and I am determined to be on it until the last moment. Thanks for being one of my sources of strength. Without people like you to read and comment, I wouldn’t write. Keep reading; and keep bringing your friends to read. I will keep writing.

  2. My dearest brother,
    I just want to let you know that your words of encouragement have changed lives including mine.
    Each time I read whatever you write I learn something awesome. So long as we live we continue to push on. That I know it pays off at the end. As the Holy Spirit directs you keep at. He gave you those beautiful secrets.
    MARGARET s ngwa

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