The secret of true and lasting success

True is Success

What is success that so much for it we strain?

Is what has come your way success or failure in disguise?

What is success if for a time it trots, and soon flies away?

What is success if it takes you up and down to your doom?

Call nothing success if shortly it glitters and it fades?
For success must be meaningful, must be true and must last.

Not all that glitters, we are told, is gold.

Not all that looks like success indeed is success.
We have true success; we have false success.
We have lasting success; we have fleeting success.

We have success that comes from heaven;

We have success that comes from hell.
From God in heaven true success comes.
From Him alone is success that lasts and lasts.

From the evil one does fleeting success come.

From him alone is that success that leads to doom.

It’s not all about hard work;
For no matter how hard we work, we labor in vain
If it is not his will that success comes our way;
If not rooted in the Lord, fleeting success it’ll be.
From Him alone true success comes.
From Him alone is success that endures.

Thought of the Week

“The greatest part of a writer’s time is spent in reading, in order to write; a man will turn over half a library to make one book” (Samuel Johnson).

Weekly Youth Challenge

There are millions of people of your age today. In twenty years, where shall all of you be?

There will be a wide gap between some of you.

Some of you will be at the top; some of you will be in the middle; some of you will be at the bottom.

Where shall you who are reading this be? You cannot know; but you can say where you want to be and decide what you are ready to do to get to where you want to be. This is what I would like you to tell me in the comment box. I will make my comment and tell you what you can do to achieve that goal.

Story of the Week

God Heard their Prayer

It was 10 p.m. Adamu’s car came to a standstill on the Sabga Hill. All his effort to make it move failed. He was alone with his wife, Binwi and no one to help. With no houses nearby fear gripped them. The locality was well known for highway robbers. It was clear that it would not be long before they showed up.

The couple said their prayers and continued to try to make the car move.

Soon a another vehicle came by and Adamu and wife tried to stop it to ask for help. They driver instead accelerated and flew past fearing it could be a plot that was mounted to rob them and seize their car.

After two good hours Adamu succeeded to get the car going again and their journey continued.

After just one kilometer they were shocked by what they saw. Their hearts pounded hard. All the passengers in the car that had passed while they were in trouble all lay by the road in their own pool of blood. They had been attacked by highway robbers and killed. Their car was nowhere to be found.

They understood God had heard their prayer.

Adamu and Binui realized that had they not had the break down which they had, they would have been the ones lying in their own pool of blood.

They turned their eyes to heaven in prayers.

Riddle of the Week

Before our riddle for this week let us have the answer to the riddle of last week. The riddle was: my name is a five-letter word. When you remove the first letter, I become part of a human being. If you remove the next letter, I become an indispensable element in the life of a human being. What am I? Answer: I am a chair. If you remove the first letter ‘C’, you will have the word hair. If you take away the next letter which is ‘h’ you will have air which no human being can do without.

Riddle: Which is the hottest letter of the alphabet? Get the answer next week.

Hot question: Hillary Clinton is likely to run as presidential candidate for the Democratic party in the United States. What do you think about her chances of becoming president? Do you think she will win or lose if she runs? Why?

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Happy week on World Youth Success Inspirer.

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  1. Hillary Clinton considering the fame she has had in the past can win; but at the moment uncertainty seems to loom in the air mindful of the current debacle reigning between the democrats and the republicans. Anyway, let’s keep your fingers cross considering that American politics is usually unpredictable and anything can happen when one least expects.

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