Surviving in tomorrow’s highly competitive world

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About the future of young people, many in my country are worried.

They wonder how the young will fare?

Where the young will get jobs tomorrow to live worthy lives and bring up their families with dignity.

Those in power are blamed for ruining the economies of their countries, and making it difficult for the young to survive.

I agree.

Many leaders do not care about the future of their youth. This is an injustice to the young.

If enough is done to prepare theM, they will handle their own problems  tomorrow.

What little kids of today do is astounding. They do things which kids like them could not do yesterday. Problems that adults find hard to grapple with, they easily solve.We attribute this brilliance to advancement in the quality of life and better learning facilities.

What we must do to equip the young to solve their problems tomorrow when they take leadership is to give them quality education. This is the key.

All young people are also advised to go for the best education to equip themselves well to survive in a very highly competitive world.

Quality education

Shall the youth

up to the task be;

When in control they are tomorrow?

Shall the youth the problems of their time solve?

When on the stage of leadership they stand?

Shall the youth their own  jobs create?

And the problems of crime  poverty and conflict solve?

These are pertinent questions to ask,

For a lot seems at stake,

And of the future, a lot in doubt.

Yet hope we must have,

For brilliant are the youth.

Quality education is all they need,

And up to the task they will be

When the reins of leadership they take.

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