The greener grass


Right within my fence I stood;

On that little space of mine.

Then my neck I stretched,

For a much better view to make;

Of what across the fence there was.

What a great view I saw,

on the other side of the hill;

Much greener than where I stood;

The lawns were green,

Much greener than ever I’d seen.

“That is what I want,” the voice to myself was saying.

:”That is where I want to be.”

“That is where I want to live,

For the remaining days of my life.”

So saying, off for it, at once, I dashed.

No sooner had I reached;

Than my mind began to dance:

“What brought me here?”

The green was gone;

Vanished into thin air.

And then across the fence again my eyes roamed;

And there still it was; standing where I’d come;

Looking greener than green can be.

Then with longing my heart jumped;

Wanting to it again return.

But ‘too late my friend,’ I was told.

It’s gone and gone for good.

So bad for sure I felt

Yet nothing, indeed, I could do.

I’ve never stopped to wish

I had not left at all.

But now I know it’s true,

Greener the grass will always look,

On the other side of the fence.

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20 thoughts on “The greener grass

  1. This tells me that I should be contented with what I have because, by the time I think I should acquire what I cannot have, what I have must have disappeared. Thanks for the lesson.

    • This is true. While we look at the other side of the fence and admire it and aspire to get there, we must jealously guard what we have.As we say ‘A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.’

  2. Love the honesty and universal sentiment in these lines!

    Thank you for dropping by my site with your warmth and for following, too.
    Do take care.

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