Why I think you are great

 I honestly think you are great.
Ask me why I think so?
I have spent more than half my life working with people, reading about people, helping, inspiring and motivating people to achieve their dreams and I have found that those who are most interested in what I share are usually the ones who are already great or who go ahead to become great.
Only people with great minds or the potential for greatness listen to what can help them achieve more in life. Small minds do not; and when they do not learn new ways, they do things the same old ways. That keeps them on the same spot.

A mind that does not learn does not grow.
I have looked closely at those who read my posts and make comments. I have found that they have great or promising blogs.  They are either great or have the potential for greatness.
That is why I congratulate you who have visited my site and encouraged me in one way or the other. The best is definitely ahead for you. In return I like to support you the best I can to achieve your blogging goals. My purpose and dream in life is to help millions of people get to where their hearts desire. I believe this can help make the world an excellent place.

Please, help me realize this dream. A little gesture can make a mighty difference. You do not have to get up from where you are. You only need to comment, click a button to share, reblog, twit or like any of my posts.

As someone wisely says, even the most formidable soldier cannot fight and win a war alone. I work extremely hard to make a difference in the world, but will go nowhere without others behind me. Hence, I pray you not to deprive me of your valuable support.

A million thanks in advance for that.DSCN0536

Without you nothing I am;

With you, everything I am.

Stand by me

That everything I can be

I may be.


10 thoughts on “Why I think you are great

  1. A great mind that you are! Of course, it’s rightly said, “Small minds discuss people; average minds discuss events; and great minds discuss ideas”. I for one will continue to read and practicalize your great ideas with ultimate pleasure and delight.

  2. Thanks for your relentless effort to motivate and inspire the world. If you did not have a great mind, you would not do what you are doing despite the little minds that some people have. I look forward to more food for the mind but take care not to crash.

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