What use is a spouse?

What use is a spouse?

If you know my stand with regard to marriage this question may shock you.

You don’t have to be shocked.

My post of Wednesday 12th November 2014, centered on a letter my spouse wrote to me encouraging and supporting my dreams. I like to thank all those who supported her with their comments. I equally thank those who are still to do so.

If I accepted to publish that letter it was for a purpose: to kick off a discussion on the role that we can play in the success of our spouse.
There are many people who have succeeded thanks to the support of their spouses. There are also people who have failed in life-transforming projects because their spouses stood on their way.

What do you think of a person who is an obstacle to their spouse’s success? What have you achieved in life thanks to the support of your spouse? What is it that you have failed to achieve in life because your spouse stood on your way?

Should the success of a married person be the concern of their spouse?
Do you know a marriage that fell on the rocks because the spouses disagreed on a project that one of them was pursuing?

I encourage you to make your voice heard on this. You view might touch somebody somewhere. You never can know where your words can reach.

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  1. Bring out the best? Make sure they know they are loved and supported, either in silence, with words or affection through their darkest hours or brightest days…if you help them to keep believing in themselves while you believe in them from the heart, the good is all that is left to flow from them.

  2. A spouse is suppose to be a lifelong companion to someone; ordained by God for all of them to journey and share together in moments of joy and sorrows, in times of sweet and sweat, losses and gains. One who is an obstacle to ones spouse should be greatly abhorred. All the same, the victimized spouse should take this obstacle not as a stumbling block but a stepping stone to the most cherished success. The spouse should be of better use to the “victimizer” by praying earnestly for a change of heart; considering that change is the only thing in life that is constant.

      • O yes doctor! To bring out the best in ones spouse requires a lot of frankness towards the said spouse. Particularly during solitary confinements amongst the two where you endeavour to point out but constructively exactly the spouse’s faults. This should be preceded by constant encouragements to all what the spouse does right.

  3. as for the topic about spouse,how can one really know his true spouse?secondly why is it that the rate of divorce is increasing in this 21st century?pls i need answers

    mr carlson bamenda

    • A good question, Carlson. You do well because such are the type of questions I like the youths to ask so that we can help them succeed. I will write a post on this. It is easy. This is a thing I handle very well in one of my books. Watch out for the answer in one of the upcoming posts.If anybody reading this has anything to say, please, do not hesitate.

  4. For starters, if a marriage is balanced healthy, between family and career, no obstacle would appear. It is when sight is lost and the spouse takes a secondary position to the others work that creates the problem. If that is not the case, the intruding spouse needs to develope their own life as well and not be so dependant

    • Great Heather. I hope many spouses read this because many seem to fall into the trap. I appreciate your contribution to the conversation. People with great minds are never silent when important issues affecting humanity are being discussed.

      • I see it all the time…or a wife that wants her 5 star exotic vacation, house and cars but gets mad when the husband works 6 days a week for it….terribly unfair…and divorce always follows that.
        Thank you for you comment…I take it most graciously. I think I will enjoy it here πŸ™‚

  5. 4. Of course, the success of a married person should be the concern of their spouse. Hoping for my husband to succeed and agree to marry first then have a child.
    5. My friend’s marriage almost fell on the rocks who goes through similar predicament as me. Thank God for The Lord to sustain.

  6. Answering to your questions
    1. The one who puts obstacle into their spouse’s success is selfish and possessive
    2. Don’t know yet
    3. Understanding me and doesn’t bother to hear my dreams

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