A serious reason to worry

There is something we should all worry about.Pa$ Ma Ngobs


Can you guess?


The high rate of love in the world turning into hatred is something to worry about.

Why does love in many marriages turn into hatred?

When two young people meet and agree to get married and spend their lives together, you will find love burning between them. You will hear them  say they will die if they do not get married. They will be passionate about each other. They will want to stay with each other all day. They will hate to be disturbed.

The day they get married will be the best day in their lives. You will find them smiling and smiling from jaw to jaw.

Yet after marriage, in very many cases, it will not take long before they start to quarrel; and the love will turn into hatred.  The marriage will end on the rocks.

What goes wrong?wedding

Why would a boy and a girl love themselves so madly before marriage but after marriage they begin to hate each other to the point of not DSC_0106wanting to see each other and end up in divorce?

What can be done to prevent love in marriage turning into hatred?

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13 thoughts on “A serious reason to worry

  1. Sir I am so glad you came by my blog and are a part of it! When I read your profile I was blessed in a number of ways. First I have been Protestant all my life but now have a strong interest in Catholicism. I hope to one day join the Catholic Church. Secondly I was very impressed by your background, and the good you are doing in the world. Thank you for being such a positive influence. I also believe marriage is very important, my wife and I have been married for more than 30 years. I look forward to reading more of your blog and getting to know your writing even better. If this article is an indication, I am in for some good reading! God bless you and your family.

    • Thank you Nicodemas. Your comment is very inspiring. I like everything you say. The fact that you have taken time to write this comment speaks very well of you. Congratulations. Please, extend my love to your darling spouse. May all your dreams come true! I like your blog and now again you have won my heart with your comment. My dream is to inspire millions of people to achieve their best dreams. I work very hard on this and I know with people like you supporting me this dream will come true. Working together generates formidable energy for good. Once again, Nicodemas, many many thanks. The immediate help you can give me is to share or reblog those posts which you think can help your friends; and tell people about this blog. Encourage young people to visit and tap from it. May God shower his blessings on you!

  2. The handy works of the devil which is orchestrated by the iniquity of man bring about much worries in the marriage train. Certainly, the exercise of tolerance towards the weaknesses of each other coupled by joining marriage encounter movements will curb the rate of problems and frequent divorces in marriages.

    • Thank you Barbara. I highly appreciate the reblog. May this day be a beautiful one for you! When I read about your blog, one of my posts came to my mind; and this is the message I give to you now: “You are wonderfully talented.” Let’s keep this relationship. It will bear abundant fruit for the world.

  3. I met my wife when we were teenagers. We married after I got my degree at university and are still together; June of 2015 marks the thirty fifth anniversary of our meeting.

    Living in the United States we have never known broad, sweeping violence, never been displaced from our home and have always had food to eat and a roof over our heads, though we came close to losing our then heavily mortgaged house after our second son was born and my wife lost her job- so even though we know how lucky we are in our relatively secure part of the world life for us has had difficulties.

    Patricia and I are very different people. She looks at the world in a more simplistic way than I and is the driving force in our everyday living while I bring poetry and song into our world. Even though we differ widely we love and respect one another and know that in our mutual commitment we would never take actions that are a betrayal of self, other, nor our wedding vows.

    I believe this is our greatest strength. Though we experience ebb and flow, peaks and valleys in our emotional connection we are partners for life. Finding a mate worthy of complete trust and bringing the same to one’s spouse is essential. Far too often people fall prey to feeling their own needs and desires without acknowledging and embracing the commitment to bring joy to, and find beauty in, one’s partner.

    What we all need is compassion with our passion if we wish to forge a life long partnership.

    • This is simply beautiful. I am inspired; and I believe, Keith, that many people shall be inspired by this. I wish more people would emulate your example and share their story so that others would learn and grow. In marriage we must fall but when we do we must not remain on the ground. We must rise and continue. I want to thank you very heartily for the effort you make to make your marriage successful.A successful marriage does not benefit the family alone. It benefits the whole world. My love to your spouse, Patricia. Tell her how much I appreciate her for the part she is playing to make your marriage a blessing to you, your kids and the rest of the world. I love you both.

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