What a shame!

Crime against humanity


It’s called child abuse.world needs

I was horrified; shocked; stunned; I was dumbfounded.

I wonder how many women would stand the sight. Had I only been told, I would not have believed it.

I saw it with my own eyes. A despicable house help got the baby she was supposed to be taking care of and flung from the seat on which they were sitting on the floor. I screamed and turned my eyes away. So did those with whom I watched the horrible act.

Yet, the worst was still to come. The unfeeling girl went on to kick the innocent baby several times.  Then as if possessed, jumped on her twice while the little one screamed and wailed helplessly.  It was hair-raising when the witch-nurse  whisked her off into a dark corner. The worst must have happened there.

I have never known that someone could be so cruel to an innocent baby.

Can there be a worse case of child abuse?

Both parents of this baby were working and got this baby-sitter to care for their child while they went in search of money.

To say what happened was horrifying is to say the least.That this girl deserves maximum punishment is unquestionable.  But what type of punishment? For those who have seen this on Facebook, can there be a worse case of child abuse?child abuseLet us know what you think about this story


26 thoughts on “What a shame!

  1. Big Bro, I have heard many people express their horror, shock, outrage about this unspeakable video snippet which I hear has been circulating for some time now. I did not see it but have heard enough to know how upset the unsuspecting world, which has for ages depended on these services. Agreed, some of these house helps suffer indignities untold where they serve wholeheartedly. Nevertheless, no from of maltreatment can justify such bestiality vis-a-vis a helpless, unprotected infant. It were better to turn down the job and let the loving parents arrange to take care of their progeny than to invite the wrath of the Almighty by committing infanticide!

    • Vally, you need to see the video and you’ll ask for the girl to be brought to you to squeeze her neck. I am happy to have you around. Hope you are pulling. My love to Joe and the young ones.

  2. I have not seen the video and I have no plans to. It sounds horrifying and yet to answer your last question:

    Hundreds of thousands of children are abused physically like this every day. Then there are hundreds of thousands more abused sexually and emotionally. This particular instance of abuse just happened to be caught on camera. Hopefully, the awareness this video is generating will be able to help stop the pandemic proportions of child abuse the world experiences every single day but most likely it won’t as everyone desperately wants to believe it’s just an isolated case that happens to only a few very unfortunate children.

    I’m sorry that your heart was hurt by watching the video.

  3. I couldn’t bring myself to finish watching the video, it was heartbreaking to see what was being done to the little girl. Thank God she is alright. I do hope justice is served.

  4. I saw this but found it too hard to look at! That poor child. I am
    Praying that she is ok? As for the sitter! I want her punished with every fibre of my being!! To info licit such brutality is unforgivable in my opinion.
    She should never be allowed near any child again and incarcerated and educated. She has a problem which relates to her mental health surely?
    I wish I had never seen this post!

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