Charismatic personalities (part two)


I guess you like to be a charismatic person. This is a legitimate ambition. The comments on part one of this post are clear: you are waiting to know how to cultivate this powerful quality.
  Let me assure you it is possible.  You can become charismatic. This is worthwhile because with it you will be wanted virtually everywhere.Your mere presence anywhere will electrify the whole environment. People will open the doors of their hearts to you.
You already know some of the world’s most charismatic personalities. Do not think that only world figures like them can be charismatic.  There are charismatic people everywhere; at all levels.
There are charismatic leaders, charismatic teachers, charismatic preachers, charismatic journalists, charismatic lawyers, charismatic singers, charismatic writers etc.
Michael Jackson was a charismatic singer. His music was electrifying and millions of people around the world adored him.
Jesus Christ and Mohammed remain the most charismatic persons who ever lived.
charismatic people are not necessarily born charismatic. Many charismatic people cultivate their charisma.  They make themselves charismatic.
In part three of this series, we shall take the world’s most charismatic personalities and show you what made them so charismatic.
You will learn from them what to do to become charismatic also.
In part four you shall see how, when you have acquired charisma, you must use it to get to the summit or where you want to go. Thrilling isn’t it?

Look at those people around you who attract you in a special way. What makes them attract you that way?

7 thoughts on “Charismatic personalities (part two)

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  2. Actually, I have become more out going, more charismatic over the years. Not like Mohamed or Jesus but at my own level. It is the result of knowing Jesus more. It is all because of Jesus and studying God’s Word.

  3. Anxiously waiting for the subsequent parts.

    The openness and exemplary nature of one tells much about the person’s charisma.

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