Charismatic personalities (part 4)

Charismatic personalities have great lessons to teach us about how to build our own charisma.

CIMG5502I hope you read charismatic personalities part 3. Today, let’s look at more charismatic personalities.

Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela stands out shoulders high as a charismatic leader who was greatly loved and admired far and wide. The world continues to think fondly of him.

What made him so charismatic?

He loved his people. He was selfless. He stood for a great cause and spent his life fighting for it.

He was fearless. He had unmatched courage to defend the truth which he never compromised. He never cowed out in the face of opposition or danger.

Yet, he was a man of peace who, without throwing a stone, led his people to victory in their most cherished cause; printing his name in their hearts.

Mahatma GandhiLOVE THIS BLOG
He was a selfless leader who loved his people greatly and had a great vision for them.  He placed himself at their service; and died serving them.

He had great courage; but as a man of peace, he never threw a stone; yet, he made his voice heard beyond the bounds of his land. His people embraced him.

Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King, like the others, spent his life fighting for his people and died in action fighting for them not through the argument of force but through the force of argument.

He loved his people; was selfless; had a great vision for them; never believed in violence as he never threw a stone. Although brutally nipped in the bud by the forces of darkness, the cause for which he gave his heart, soul and life triumphed.

Daniel Webster
Admirable and inspiring,he stands out shoulders high in J.F. Kennedy’s “Profiles in courage”. Kennedy describes him as a man greater than most Presidents, though he was never a President.

He reminds us of Henry Kissinger, another great charismatic personality who was greatly respected and admired by many.
Daniel Webster was a charismatic man. He acted with the dignity of a great man; spoke like a great man; behaved like a great man; believed he was a great man, and indeed, he was a great man. His words had power and dignity; and like Abraham Lincoln, he was unrivaled, in driving home a point.
Our father in Faith, Abraham was a charismatic leader. He opted to sacrifice his son in obedience to God’s command.
Moses, leader of God’s people out of Egypt was a charismatic leader.
St. Paul who spent his life after his conversion preaching the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ without fear of the dangers involved was a charismatic leader.
In 1990, the Opposition leader in my country came through as a very charismatic leader. His message stroke a chord in the hearts of the people; because was seen as selfless. He gave hope to many. Hence, he pulled huge crowds to his political rallies.

What then is our conclusion?

See Charismatic personalities part 5.


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  3. Great thinkers inspire those who need to understand that greatness is not only words but actions. Great thinkers make it clear that greatness is in all of us, if we only act as greatness dictates. We are all great thinkers it’s that most won’t think beyond that word to find their own greatness

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