Why you are talented but not shining

No goal is unattainable if you want it enough; stop giving excuses and go after it with full confidence, belief, passion and persistence.

Do you know some talented people whose talent is wasting?
There are many people who you look at and tell yourself they have what it takes to be great or to become stars; but they are wallowing in darkness. Their talent is wasting.
There are billions of people like this with enormous potential to be at the summit; but they are at the bottom, being eaten away by frustration.
It would not surprise me if many of you who are reading this are far below where you are supposed to be.
What actually stops people who have potential from realizing it? Why would God endow someone so wonderfully with talents and yet the person would live and die in misery?


I believe you are wonderfully talented. What stops you from shining and lighting up the world with your talents?
Answering this question may lead you to what has been holding you back. That could make you do something about it; and your talent would blossom.  You could find yourself rising to the top; which is my dream for you.


This blog is not just about success. It is about getting you to the top.
I have some reasons many talented people die in oblivion, with their talents unexploited:

  • They lack opportunity
  • They lack the means.
  • They lack an enabling environment.
  • They lack somebody to push them up.


These may look like serious setbacks; but they ought not keep anyone from realizing their potential. Many others have had them but have gone on to make it big.
They are only excuses. You have to overcome them. As we say, if you cannot go over a mountain to the other side, cut through it; or go round it.
If you do not have opportunities, create them.
If the environment is not enabling, look for one that is.
If you lack somebody to push you up, find one.
Of course, it’s not easy. But whoever said to get to the top was easy?
You have to work at it.
You have to go out and look for someone to back you up.
You have to fight to create an enabling environment.
You cannot sit back and do nothing and only complain and make yourself a cry baby. That will do you no good.
If God gives you a talent, it is your place to discover it, develop it; and exploit it for humanity, and the glory of His name. He does not want excuses from you.

That is your challenge.


7 thoughts on “Why you are talented but not shining

  1. Your last little paragraph poke me awake. It’s not that I wasn’t listening…I just wasn’t really…caring. Until that last little paragraph.

    My heart hurts where you poked!!

  2. hello i think about three months ago I was facing this problem of being talented but not shining as expected because I lack somebody to push me up.Now i have found one in the person of DR ngobesing SUH Romanus.thank u for ur support doctor.
    Mr carlson .
    from Bamenda

  3. “Why are you talented but not shining”?
    Thank you for writing this…..As we get into 2015 I believe this is the question we need to ask ourselves! This question has challenged me to the core! There is so much to do and sitting on my talent is not going to accomplish anything! Thank you again! I have been so challenged!!


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