Make your marriage a joy

DSCN0479How easy is it to make your marriage a joy?
It is not easy; but it can be done. There are ingredients that can do that for you. They are in this poem.

Burning with love
Off with you, I’ll fly, my love.
Off with you from home and noise;
The kids and aches we’ll leave behind;
And you alone I’ll have to love!

A gift of love I’ll give to you;
A gift of love no money can buy,
A gift of love no one can touch,
A gift of love far better than gold!

We’ll hold our hands and talk and laugh;
We’ll hold our hands and jump and play;
We’ll hold our hands and walk and run;
We’ll hold our hands and sing and dance;

We’ll walk and look and talk in love;
We’ll move and jump; and skip like kids;
We’ll close our eyes and talk and pray!
And lift our hearts in thanks to God!

We’ll fly in love like birds in the sky.
And sit and stand and sing and cry;
That a love like this can burn our hearts;
As a fire that burns and hard to quench.

How sweet it’ll be, the love of my life!
How sweet it’ll be, to be with you!
And think of none but you alone!
And let our love like spring to roll;

We’ll let our hearts with love to glow
And joy from love like a river to flow;
We’ll make our time a joyous gift!
And make our lives a feast of love.

Which ingredients will make your marriage a joy?DSC_0460

Decision to love.

Love is not passion but a decision. The couple has taken the decision to love, making their marriage a joy. If you want your marriage to be a joy, take a decision to love unconditionally; and honor that decision daily.

Fun in marriage

There is fun in this marriage. Marriage should be fun. The moment it stops being fun it begins to die; and fun does not just come. You work for it. Make your marriage fun.

Fan the love
This couple does not allow their love to glow by itself. It will not. They fan it. Fan the flame of love in your marriage.

Taking your spouse for granted.
The moment you do, your marriage will hit the rocks.

Respect feelings.
Respect the feelings of your spouse. When there are negative feelings, help your spouse out of them.

The needs of your spouse
Your spouse has needs. Do your best to satisfy them. Example: the need to be loved.
Value your spouse.
Value your spouse. A bird in hand is worth many in the bush.

Pray without ceasing
The poem mentions prayer. Put God at the center of your marriage. This will bring you joy.

‘Walk and talk’; ‘talk in love’. Communication fuels joy in marriage. Communicate in a way that will enrich not destroy your marriage.

Quality Time
Create quality time to focus on yourselves.

Can you pick out more ingredients from the poem? If you like what you’ve read, kindly share it or re-blog it. Let the knowledge circulate!


8 thoughts on “Make your marriage a joy

  1. Wonderful thoughts . 10 years after marriage I feel we have lots of your thoughts woven in our relationship. And lot more to learn from wonderful people like you.

    • I am happy to hear this. I love people who make an effort to have an enjoyable marriage. To me such people are good and intelligent people because when your marriage is fine you are a happy person and every other thing moves. Good luck as you and your darling spouse shine in your marriage and radiate in your environment.

  2. To take a subject such as marriage to its simplest form and break it down so that it can be understood is very helpful. Thank you for your wisdom, experience and knowledge, for these are the keys to unlock the doors that otherwise could remain shut. Many blessings

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