The formidable power of words

Words words words, the power of words;

Words can build and words can destroy;words

Words can please, and words can hurt;

Words can encourage and words can discourage;

Words can carry love and words can carry hate;

Words, words, words; the power of words;

Words can bring peace, and words can bring war;

Words can bring joy; and words can set the world on fire;

Words can reconcile and words can antagonize;

Words can magnify and words can minimize;

Words words words, the power of words.

Words can set fire between husband and wife;

And words can heal wounds between husband and wife.

It matters the words you are using.

What words are you using?

Are you building or destroying with your words?

You must be careful how you use your words;

Build; don’t destroy with your words.

words 2

6 thoughts on “The formidable power of words

  1. This yet another good one. The power of having the rite tool for the rite job. This has been something I’ve been working on for a very long time. Without the rite words who would know who you are. How would describe your strengths, or to say to the Dr what the problem is. How many ways that there is love in your heart. Need I say more. A tool has no worth if it rusty. Once again you shine lite unto the room that I want to enter. Many blessings, peace

      • You give me so much to think about it is easy for me to write. There aren’t many who can do this for me. Your words are powerful. I am blessed that I get to hear them, so that we can talk. I look forward to hear them. Thank you again many blessings, peace

        • I am very happy with you Sheldon. You are doing just what I like. All that I have is for you. My life mission is to inspire you until you become the person God wants you to be. We have only begun. The best is still to come.

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