Stop blaming!

Blaming will steal your joy.

Why are you blaming others for your failures?MAY

What have they got to do with it?

Stop blaming!

And correct your mistakes.

Stop blaming your spouse,

For the things that are going wrong in your marriage.

Who tells you they are your spouse’s fault?

Have you looked at yourself;

To see your own share of the fault?

Don’t forget:

When you point three fingers at another,

The other three are pointing at you.

Stop blaming!

Stop blaming your neighbor!

If you aren’t getting on as good neighbors,

Who tells you it’s your neighbor’s fault?

Maybe some of the fault is yours.

Stop blaming!

Stop blaming the government,

For all the wrongs of your country!

Who is the government?

We are the government.

Let’s look at our selves,

And see where we are going wrong,

And stop blaming.

Stop blaming your teachers!

And your school when you fail your exam.

Did you work hard enough?

You might have been the cause of your failure;

Not the teacher; and not the school.

Is there someone you are blaming,

For what’s going wrong in your life,

In your community;

In your country?

Stop blaming people here and there!DSC_0106

It really doesn’t help;

It only hurts;

It hurts the one you blame;

And it hurts you who blames;

It only makes situations worse.

As for your marriage,

It will destroy it;

Before you know what’s going on.

Therefore, friend, stop blaming!

 No blame! No blame! No blame!

11 thoughts on “Stop blaming!

  1. The blame game should often be avoided. Thus, it does not matter how many times one falls down, but how one gets up and sets forth.

  2. There is so much to say, the one that comes to mind is, common sense is not so common anymore. For the most part people egos are bigger than their body. To find blame in one’s self is a weakness that most people can’t accept. They rather find the weakness in someone else and call this their strengths. Being able to point the finger and shake their head. It’s a play being stage by a fool. These are human issues no one wants to own. This is why now a days blame is news and not talked about as a problem that has no solution

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