Why I publish as I do

Dear friends, many of you may be overwhelmed by the number of posts I publish. I  have been told that if I want much traffic I should not overwhelm my DSCN0479readers with posts otherwise they will become fed up and simply ignore anything that comes from me.

That is sound advice which I have decided not to follow. This explains why I publish two or three posts a day; and soon I may go up to four.

The reason is simple: I am not publishing to attract traffic. I am publishing to serve; to inspire, encourage, educate and motivate people to go for and achieve their dreams in life; to bring out the best in them; to realize their full potential.

I am writing for anyone who will find my writing interesting and beneficial. My call is to write; and my dream is to offer as much as I can to the world. I do not have all the time to do that. The days are flying; and I have so much to write. I want to give it out.

I know some people will come to this site morning afternoon, evening, and will not be tired. They will always find what they love. They will read, enjoy and become inspired.

There are some who will come once a day, once a week, once a month orBELIEF once a year.  They are absolutely free.

There are billions who will never even know a site like this exists.

My dream is that there should always be enough here waiting with love for all those who come.

I kindly appeal to you: if a post comes to your mail and you think it’s too much,please, just delete it and move on to other things.

What I publish is my loving gift to everyone who visits this site.


The inspiration is not coming from me. I am only a channel.  The God who has inspired me to write will direct those he wants to read what I write to it. If there weren’t people to read, He wouldn’t inspire me to write.

I want to thank you for being among those the Lord has directed to my site; to read what I write; to draw inspiration from it for your life.

I leave it to him to fetch the readers while I do the writing. Of course, when he inspires me to do something to get more people to come and read what He has written through me, I will go running.

So dear friend, I  write this that you may better understand why I may be overwhelming you with posts.

I am only doing my job; answering my call which is to write. It is the job of the ONE who has made me write to get those to read it. He directed you to this site. He will keep you here as He pleases; or let you go as He pleases.

Hence, I will write and write. I will only write. I will write as much as I can. Thanking God for our blessings  will open moreWhether what I write is read or not belongs to the Lord; not to me. Of one ting I am sure: He has His readers. You who are reading this, I believe, are one of them. He has millions of you He will be sending to me one after another. Who says He does things in a small way? He may start small but end big.

I love you. Blessings.



17 thoughts on “Why I publish as I do

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  2. On a personal note, I have been missing this inspirational writings of yours. I like visiting my inbox every day as soon as I have the slightest opportunity to do so because of your posts. I Know what it is doing to me and what it will continue doing. So please Dr keep on, you are transforming a being somewhere and some day, like it or not, testimonies will flow. The best!

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  4. More power to your elbows doctor. Keep on publishing as I can acknowledge the goodness of your articles to me. I may fail to read your blog and other thought-provoking sites only in the case of no possibility on my side.

  5. As long as you write I want to read as long as you speak I want to hear as long as you inspire I want to write and say why. I will only be to glad to be your audience. You have so much to give. Thank you my friend many blessings, peace

    • You can count on me to faithfully accompany you through life. As long as you are ready to listen, I am ready to go to any length to give you what’s important to know in order to find your way to greatness.

  6. Beautiful post. I agree with posting however often you feel led to, and I love your reason for posting as you do. I especially love when you wrote: “If there weren’t people to read, He wouldn’t inspire me to write.” Very true, and well said — and I say, keep it coming! 🙂

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