Three Christmas poems


He came, on Christmas day;
His name is Jesus;
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To him, no honor can be enough.
He came to save us.
He stands closer to us
Than we fully may be aware;
He is there for you.
He is there for me.
He’ll stand by you in times of need!
To him, let honor be given.


He came for you;
He loves you;
As he loved those of his day;
He will heal you
As he healed the sick of his day;
He will feed you
As he fed the hungry of his day;
He will comfort you
As he comforted the afflicted of his day;
He will do whatever is good for you
As he did for those of his day!

Joy to the world.doc 2

Ask and He shall give you;
Ask for what you want;
And He shall give you what you want;
Ask for comfort;
And he shall give you comfort;
Ask for healing;
And he shall give you healing;
Ask that He may feed you!
And He shall feed you;
Ask that He may open your eyes
To see his boundless love He has for you;
And He shall do just that for you.
Ask Him to stand by you
And keep you company
When you are lonely
And have no one to stand by you.
And He shall do just that for you.
Ask Him to give you more faith
That you may have more trust in Him;
And He will do just that for you.
Ask Him to give you more patience;
To wait for the things
That merit waiting for;
And He will give that patience to you.
He is ever ready to give to you;
That which you ask for;
And all that you need is faith
And He will give to you that which you ask for;
Just as we say,
Seek and you shall find;
Knock and the door shall be opened unto you.
For to He that asks, it is given;
He that seeks finds;
And to He that knocks;
The door is opened.YOU CHRISTMAS

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