Revive your dream

Once you had a dream, didn’t you?
That gripped you strong;
Where is it today?
Isn’t there a dream you’ve tried
To achieve but failed?
What are you doing about it?
What of that childhood dream?
You had to reach the stars?
Where are you with it today?
Abandoned in the wilderness?no dream is too big
Convinced it cannot be achieved?
Yet the truth is different, my friend,
That it can be achieved;
Not out of reach as you might think;
Only your thinking makes it so.
No dream does God put in your mind
That’s too big for you to achieve;

When He does give you a dream,
To achieve it fully He equips you;
So sad it is, therefore, when
Dreams are abandoned before they’re ripe.
This explains why I say to you,
once your hands are onRevive that dream you’ve thrown away;
Revive that great dream of yours;
Revive it before it’s late;
This time with all your might,

Go for it;
And rest assured it will be yours;
If long enough you go for it.

8 thoughts on “Revive your dream

  1. Thank you so much for writing this!!!
    Your words really moved me…and I know now I need to go back to all of the dreams I had before I let them fade away…
    Thank you!!!
    Lots of love and blessings,

  2. thanks very much .i really like to achieve my dreams .but this question always come to my mind:why do many people failed to achieve thier dreams?pls can i have an answer ,pa ngobesing?
    mr carlson bamenda

    • Thank you Carlson. I like your comment. The answer to your question is already on this blog. Do not concentrate only on the post for the day. Take a walk around the blog. You will find it is a true gold mine. Please, kindly let me know what you discover. Happy New Year!

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