Where are the great coming from?

DSCN0479 I have been inspired by a  comment by a loving friend to come up with this post. I hope it inspires you.

Where are the great coming from?

From different places; some from the top. Their parents are great.  They are born with silver spoons in their mouths.They live in ivory towers and go with other great people like them.

Others, the majority, rise from the bottom to the top; from grass to grace; from rags to riches; from huts to towers. No one thinks they will make it; but they will, with flying colors.

Looking at my early beginnings I cannot believe where I am. I went to school on foot; traveled ten kilometers to and fro everyday.

YOU HAVEN’T SEEN ANYTHINGIn primary school, I used a sharpened piece of bamboo stick to write, unable to afford a pen. Often, I borrowed a spare one from my bench mate.

In secondary school, after two school terms, I  left. My parents could not afford my fees.

Yet, I fought my way through; and found my place in the world. Today, when Rose tells me “people look at you and you are so smart and successful and confident..” (Rose Red), I say what matters in life is not where we are coming from as much as where we are going. Many people come from behind and win the race.

Many of today’s great were once at the bottom; insignificant, unknown, neglected, despised; but that did not stop them from getting to where they are today.

Often, we look at people and only see their shiny side. They have their own share of dark side.

Going uphill provides one the opportunity to end with strong legs.

Great days lie ahead for everybody no matter where they are coming from. What is required is the decision to make it to the top; the courage and determination to do what it takes to face the challenges on the way; faith and prayers and the persistence to keep on gong until  DSCN0486success is achieved.

In my long journey, I have been blessed with the courage, determination, faith and grace of God to make it to where I am. Yet, it’s only beginning. I have the conviction that whatever can be done, anyone can do it. That includes you and I.

Mind not much where you are coming from;

Mind where you are going;

And trust that God being your helper

You will get there.

Many shall come from behind and win the race.

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  1. I to beat the bushes to get where I am I am constantly learning so I say I am in the process of being sucessful. I never want to stop learning so I am not a successful person just yet. Thank you again for your inspiration. Many blessings

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