The taste of adversity

IMG_20141226_135843Do you know the taste of adversity?
Adversity can taste sweet and it can taste sour. What do you think?
Let’s look at it together.
Have you ever had moments of adversity in your life; when everything seemed to go wrong for you? When you tried your hand at many things and failed in all or almost all; when you thought the world was against you? When you thought your world would crumble. Such moments exist; but be careful! Don’t let them crush you.
You definitely have had periods in your life when you hit your head or toes on rocks; when you had a down-pour of troubles on your head.
Such are the moments that make us value our blessings more. Hear what Anne Bradstreet says: “If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.” IMG_20141223_143758
Adversity can be the greatest blessing you ever had.

It has a bitter taste for sure; but it can end up tasting sweet.
It depends entirely on how you face it. The way you face it will determine whether it will bring good or evil into your life.
Adversity can either be a source of sorrow or a source of joy for you and others.
You do not have to become worried or bitter about adversity; neither should you panic or allow yourself to be crushed by it. You must not become a cry-baby because of adversity. You have to be strong. Only weak-minded people allow themselves to be crushed. Only weak-minded people make themselves cry-babies during moments of adversity. You have to stand firm. Look at this poem:yes i can
The strong hold fast;
The wise stand firm
When the going is tough;
When the sea is rough;
When the storms and hard knocks of life
Come hitting hard on you,
Stand firm;
No storm lasts forever;
When the times are rough
And the tides are high;
The wise hold fast;
And the strong stand firm;
As they wait for better days to come.

Norman Vincent Peale says, “All storms pass away, but more important, you are strong enough to live with them while they last.”
Be strong, therefore, and stand firm, dear friend. The storms and hard knocks of life will always try to knock you down.
Do not panic.
Do not be cowed out.
With time, they will pass away; and if you stand firm enough, they will leave you stronger than they found you.
“Times of great calamity and confusion have been productive for the greatest minds. The purest ore is produced from the hottest furnace. The brightest thunder-bolt is elicited from the darkest storm” (Charles Caleb Colton).
a003If you are weak during moments of adversity, adversity will uproot you. It will sweep you off your feet and tow you away.
An unknown writer once said “behind every successful man, there are usually a lot of unsuccessful years. To get to the Promised Land, get ready to pass through the wilderness.”
Be strong; stand firm.

Adversity has a bitter-sweet taste.

Face it with courage and enjoy its sweet taste.

What do you say?

39 thoughts on “The taste of adversity

  1. There are many powerful truths here. I do stumble over what you say re: cry babies. Your statements can be misunderstood, perhaps.

    I have cried – plenty. I am not ashamed of my tears. I cried until there weren’t any tears in me anymore, even though tears would have been appropriate and welcome.

    God says that He saves all my tears. Even if many were spent through immaturity, He was kind and patient with me. He never ever said, “Don’t be a cry-baby.” Instead, little by little, He showed me – by experience – that ALL things work together for good…”

    Passing through adversity does bring you to a place of greater height and greater depth and greater vistas.

    Never give up…and don’t worry if you need to cry…

    • Thank you Hiccup. I am happy you bring some this new perspective to my thought.You are right. I have cried myself many times in times of sorrow and in times of joy. In fact, my teacher told me to let the tears flow when they come. I cry sometimes when something is so good.We have tears of joy and tears of sorrow. Tears of joy when we are very happy; When I find excellence.At our best moment it is possible to see tears flowing down. There are also those tears that we are called to pour out to our creator to show total surrender to Him; to let Him know that we depend on him. We must shade them when we feel the load is too heavy for us to carry and we want Him to lift it off our shoulders or lead us through the valley of darkness. When I talk of a cry baby this is not what I am thinking of. I am thinking of those people who tend to depend on other people as if they were babies.They think that they have to wait for others to do things for them and if they are not done they start to cry like babies and seek human sympathy. This is what babies do. Their power lies in their tears. They cry to be given the things they want. Think of someone who will not work to earn a promotion and when skipped for promotion thinks that shedding tears will win sympathy and they will get what they want. Once again I thank you for helping me to better express my thought. Do I have a point. Please feel free to tell me what you honestly think of the explanation I have made. Consider that I was giving a public talk and you made the comment you have made and I gave the explanation I have given, would you be satisfied with my answer. Your honest response shall be of great help to me because it will get me ready for a possible real life situation. Many thanks indeed!

      • Your response has given me a far better understanding of what you were actually trying to say. I am not only satisfied now…your response was a well written post in itself!

        • You’ve made my day Hiccup. I believe in listening to others and learning from them. Sometimes we think we have all the answers and then someone surprises us with a new angle to the issue. If we listen to others and pay attention to what they say, they will help to build us and we’ll be surprised what we can do. Now if I have to give a talk somewhere on this topic I will put it in a better way because I listened to you and refined my thought. Once again thanks for you helpful input. Have a great day and may you never hesitate to put in a word whenever and wherever you can to make things better!

  2. Agree with what you are saying, but some people who crumble are not weak, they only need someone to support and guide them though. To help them stand firm again. In the face of adversity can come strong bonds from your fellow man. We do not have to face it alone. Thanks for a positive message to start my day. Kath.

    • Thanks a million, Kath.You have made my message even sweeter with your touch. Yes! During moments of adversity, to have a shoulder to lean on can be a great blessing that can help us get on our feet again.Yes! Sometimes even strong people crumble in the face of tough challenges. I do not know if you believe like me in a God who is ever there for us. He is the surest help during moments of adversity. Best wishes.

  3. Adversity teaches us we must stand for for our beliefs and dreams. My father lived in a world where Mexican were not liked. He told me. Education, education and more education. Allow no-one to look down at you. Thank you for your powerful thoughts. We must our children. They can overcome the adversity and naysayers. Only defeat is not trying.

  4. Indeed, adversities are usually challenging and have often sent shock waves down my spines. Anyway, what keeps me going are some of these dictums: “no sweat no sweet”, “no pain no gain”, etc.

  5. Daddy Ngobs, its unfortunate, I put it I have been living close to knowledge, yet battling to aquire it. For some reason I woke up at 2:00am and decite to go through facebook. And for some reason further, I take to reading this aticle on an interview with Mr Ngobesing Romanus and concord Cameroon. And now here I am. Just cant hold myself with the amaizing articles and inspirational stories I ha e read. And now I begin to talk to myself Theophile you need more of his works to be what you want to be. And I must confess, This morning, not just a post, but the hole of what u have on here coupled with the man I knew and saw everyday pass me buy in my neighbourhood and what he passed on through the radio, my life has been touched greatly. You are indeed a true example of ur works. Thanks for being a practical instrument to the lifes of many. God continously Bless you.

    • KK FOR TOWN, you will be surprised to hear that I am writing to you with tears in my eyes. The tears have been drawn by your touching comment. I have taken a resolution to live my life for the world not for myself. When people like you see it and recognize it, I cannot fail crying. Some people would rather like to stand on the way so I thank you for being among those who have inspired me to forge on with what I am doing. You can see the number of people around the world who follow and love my site but people around us are not taking advantage. Please, I am there for you. I shall continue to give you the best I can through this site. Make sure you take courage and put the ideas into practice so that they take you to the top where I am convinced is where God wants you to be. Best wishes for 2015. If you find anything that can help some other person do not hesitate to share or reblog. Spend as much time here as you like. Drink from the spring. It is all yours for free.

  6. A very inspiring post my friend, this is something I had to grow into before I could wear it proudly. At first it was either to big or to small now as time has been kinder I find adversity a useful more effecting way of wear. Patience and persistence, not letting life dictate but you dictate to life. This is not easy or a quick fix but over time you can win over adversity. You as always bring to the table a lot of food for thought. Thank you, many blessings

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