Time usage makes the difference.

Your success dependsWHAT I TELL PEOPLE

I usually tell students that if they want to experience the joy of success at the end of the school year, they should start on the very first day that school starts to work for it. They should not say they will start later because later may never come. As you defer it to a later date time is going; and a minute gone can never be recalled.
This advice is equally good for anyone who wants to have a successful year inPhotoGrid_1420273189495 any field. You do not have to wait for a later date to start working for your success. You have to start now.
Success is determined by how you use your time. If you use your time well, you will succeed. If you use it poorly, you will fail. This is true of every field.
There is no magic by which you can succeed, except you use fraud, if you waste your time or if you use your time poorly.

Those who want to succeed in life must put in place a good plan for the use of their time.This means putting in place a good plan for time management. This is very important.  It is our topic for discussion today. With good time management, we will make the best use of our time.
DSCN0479Our last discussion was on looking old and looking young. I requested that you should share your ideas on what you thought made some people look old when they were actually young; and what made some people  look young when they were actually old. Many of you responded positively to my request and expressed your views on the topic. I found what you shared to be very pertinent and interesting. I like to congratulate those who participated in that discussion.

Those who have not yet made their own contribution, are free to do so. Go to What do you think? On Friday, I shall put all the ideas together in one post and that shall be our take-home on the topic. I hope the exercise helps all of us.
Today let us share on time management. Take that you are called upon to DSCN0486advise a class of students or workers in a company on time management, what are some of the key things you shall tell them. How can they make the best use of their time? A short comment will do. If, however, you like to write a post on your site on this topic, please go ahead and do it. You can then share the link here so that we of this community may all have the possibility of reading it. Thus, we can support one another.



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